DIY – Clementine Jam 🍊


I’m not much of a fruit person, don’t get me wrong I like fruits but not on the morning, or after lunch, or after dinner… so there’s not much options left. The problem is, everytime I go to my mother’s house, she drowns me in fruits.

So this time I was looking for a way to enjoy them and not let them go to waste (shame on me), and the answer was simple : Jam !

So I decided to make clementine jam, adapting this french recipe from the internet, and now I’m sharing it with you ! But since jam is packed with sugar, I wanted to make a low-carb friendly version by using Stevia instead of sugar.

The ingredients:

  • Some clementines
  • Stevia (or sugar)
  • A vanilla pod (or extract)
  • An empty Jar


I recommend that you use a scale for this recipe, because the amount of sugar depends on the amount of clementines. You have to use the same weight of sugar as the same weight of clementines pulp you have (weight it without the skins). But approximately, for 5-6 clementines I used 250g of stevia (it would be 300g if you use sugar, since stevia tends to be a bit sweeter).

1. Peel the clementines

Peel the clementines (keep the skins, we’re going to need them), and remove all the little white skins from the fruits. While separating the quarters, look out for seeds. Don’t hesitate to cut trough the quarters to remove seeds.


2. Boil the skins and cut them in pieces

Boil the skins during 5 minutes, drain them and cool them with cold water, and then cut them into small pieces.


3. Put everything into a pan and boil

Put everything into a pan with 20 cl of water, the stevia/sugar, the clementine pulp, the skins, and the vanilla pod/extract. If you’re using a vanilla pod, don’t forget to make a vertical cut in the middle of it before putting it into the pan, so all the flavor and seeds diffuse. Then, bring it to the boil, and count approximately 20 minutes from the moment it starts boiling.

You know it’s done when you drop a bit of it onto a plate, and it slowly slides on it but still kinda sticks to it :


4. Put the jam into a jar, and turn it over

Put the jam into your jar, don’t forget to remove the vanilla pod. Now, turn the jar upside down and wait until it cools down a bit (2-5 minutes). This helps to the conservation of the jam.


And now it’s done !


I hope you enjoyed this DIY, I know I love jam and this is the perfect way for me to enjoy my fruit.

What do you do with your own extra fruits ?

See ya ! 💛

18 thoughts on “DIY – Clementine Jam 🍊”

  1. It looks easy :-). I did not use stevia so far but I will try doing the recipe with it instead of sugar (have to loose some kilos). I am not sure if you used stevia or common sugar, so would like to ask you if there is anything special to keep in mind when using stevia?

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    1. I used stevia, it tends sometimes to be sweeter than regular sugar so I used a bit less of the supposed amount. Also, at the end of the recipe it may have an icing sugar texture. But most of the time I think it can be used as regular sugar ! Hope I helped 😊

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