Colombia – Travel Diary #2 : Breakfast, Witchcraft & Shopping !

Hey ! Here’s the sequel of my Colombia Travel Diary series ! If you want you can check out here my Travel Diary #1. Two days after we arrived to Popayán, we had to come back to Cali for one day only. But on our way, stopped to Silvia, a small city, where my cousin needed to… Continue reading Colombia – Travel Diary #2 : Breakfast, Witchcraft & Shopping !

Colombia – Travel Diary #1

Hey !  Many of you know that right now, I'm in Colombia ! And to show you a bit of my trip, I decided to make this Colombia Travel Diary series, beginning with this one 😊 🌐 Destination - Cali : So, we took the plane from Paris to Madrid first, around 10 am. There,… Continue reading Colombia – Travel Diary #1