The Liebster Award !


Hey ! I've been nominated for another award recently, thank you so much Marie-Celine for nominating me ! If you want to check it out, I also got the Blogger Recognition Award a few days ago. Marie-Celine gave me some questions to answer, and then i'll ask some questions myself to my nominees ! These are the… Continue reading The Liebster Award !

Style – My outfit for the Opera 


Hey ! You may have seen my other post about the Opera Garnier, and as I told you in that post, I'm going to show you the outfit I wore at the Opera ! It wasn't anything particularly transcending, but I liked it anyways. First,  what do you wear to go to the Opera ? When… Continue reading Style – My outfit for the Opera 

Paris – The Opera Garnier


Hey ! The other day we went to see a Ballet at the Opera Garnier of Paris, and since you seem to have liked my last post about Paris, The Panthéon, I thought I'd show you the pictures I took of this amazing place ! Here is the whole building : The entrance, almost everything is made… Continue reading Paris – The Opera Garnier

Blogger Recognition Award !


Hey ! I have been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award ! I'm really happy, thank you so much Cheila for nominating me. Go visit her blog, she's a really sweet person and has a nice and pretty site ! I made this award so it fits better the aesthetics of my blog, but you… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award !

Style – My Valentine’s Day Outfit 💗


Just a quick post to tell you what outfit I finally wore on Valentine's Day ! From the tree outfits I showed you on my 3 Valentine's Day Outfits Ideas post, I chose to wear the white dress. Red was too classic and even if I really liked the second outfit I still wanted to… Continue reading Style – My Valentine’s Day Outfit 💗

DIY – Valentine’s Day Chocolates 🍫


If you need a last minute Valentine's Day Gift, this is perfect for you ! Valentine's Day homemade chocolates are the best, you can make them with different flavors, and the fact that you made them yourself really shows the other person you care about them ! Plus, chances are you already have all you… Continue reading DIY – Valentine’s Day Chocolates 🍫