Mother’s Day (on a boat)

Hey ! Maybe you don't know this, but two weeks ago it was Mother's Day in France 🇫🇷. This year, we decided to celebrate it by spending the day on a boat, sailing on a canal that goes through various villages. The boat was not that big, but it was well equipped, with a table,… Continue reading Mother’s Day (on a boat)

Shopping Haul #2

Hey amazing people ! How are you ? Are you on holiday already ? I've been doing some shopping recently, and I remembered I did a shopping haul last time that happened (yeah i'm a poor student, fashion and lack of money don't usually go together unfortunately). So, why not do another shopping haul ?… Continue reading Shopping Haul #2

1500 Followers ! (+ Free Printable)

Hey ! Just a quick post to thank you all, my friends and readers, because we reached 1500 ! I don't know what I can say more than everything I've already said : thank you so much for being here every one 😊 I always try my best to make every post as perfect as… Continue reading 1500 Followers ! (+ Free Printable)