Shopping Haul #2

Hey amazing people ! How are you ? Are you on holiday already ? I've been doing some shopping recently, and I remembered I did a shopping haul last time that happened (yeah i'm a poor student, fashion and lack of money don't usually go together unfortunately). So, why not do another shopping haul ?… Continue reading Shopping Haul #2

Fashion & Gaming #2 – World of Warcraft

Hey ! This is the second version of my Fashion & Gaming post, if you want to check out the first one Click Here ! I already explained in my first post what was the idea behind this concept, but to summarize, I wanted to bring together two of my favourite hobbies : fashion, and video… Continue reading Fashion & Gaming #2 – World of Warcraft

Style – 3 Spring Outfit Ideas 🌸

Hi everyone ! New outfits here, and spring themed ! 😊 I made a video version of these outfits, so if you want to check it out please : Click Here ! Since spring finally decided to appear with some very shy sun rays (seriously my D vitamin stocks are running low), I decided to show… Continue reading Style – 3 Spring Outfit Ideas 🌸

Style – Overalls and Hearts

Hey ! As I showed you on my post about my March Favorites, I bought some overalls ! ✨ I wanted to get overalls for a really long time now, but it's typically the kind of clothes that never fit me because of my height, i'm less than 1.60 m tall (yes, I'm from dwarf land). It's actually the… Continue reading Style – Overalls and Hearts

[Video] 5 Hairstyles for Long Hair

Hey ! As promised, here is the video version of my post, 5 Hairstyles for Long Hair ! That way you'll be able to understand better how to make those hairstyles 😊   I'm really sorry the video took so long to be published, but with college it was kind of hard to find some time… Continue reading [Video] 5 Hairstyles for Long Hair

5 Hairstyles for Long Hair

Hey ! Today I'm going to show you some hair related ideas 😊 As you might have seen in my ootds, I have long hair. And even if it seems weird because of all the possibilities you have to style it, I never know how to do my hair ! So I decided to go and… Continue reading 5 Hairstyles for Long Hair