Mother’s Day (on a boat)

Hey ! Maybe you don't know this, but two weeks ago it was Mother's Day in France 🇫🇷. This year, we decided to celebrate it by spending the day on a boat, sailing on a canal that goes through various villages. The boat was not that big, but it was well equipped, with a table,… Continue reading Mother’s Day (on a boat)

Easter Picnic in Paris 🐰

Hi everyone, how was your Easter holiday ? I spent mine resting, and catching up with family and friends. But now the exams and lots of homework are coming ! Last Sunday for Easter I went with my family to the Buttes Chaumont, it's a parc you can visit in Paris, where you can find some nature (there… Continue reading Easter Picnic in Paris 🐰

My mother’s Birthday

Hey ! Last Saturday was my mother’s birthday ✨ So I went to her town to visit her, and with her and my family we went to Center Parcs ! 😊 It’s a place near the forest in France where you can do much activities (walks, bicycle, pony, tennis...), with a main building shaped as a sphere.… Continue reading My mother’s Birthday

Style – My outfit for the Opera 

Hey ! You may have seen my other post about the Opera Garnier, and as I told you in that post, I'm going to show you the outfit I wore at the Opera ! It wasn't anything particularly transcending, but I liked it anyways. First,  what do you wear to go to the Opera ? When… Continue reading Style – My outfit for the Opera 

Paris – The Opera Garnier

Hey ! The other day we went to see a Ballet at the Opera Garnier of Paris, and since you seem to have liked my last post about Paris, The Panthéon, I thought I'd show you the pictures I took of this amazing place ! Here is the whole building : The entrance, almost everything is made… Continue reading Paris – The Opera Garnier

Style – My Valentine’s Day Outfit 💗

Just a quick post to tell you what outfit I finally wore on Valentine's Day ! From the tree outfits I showed you on my 3 Valentine's Day Outfits Ideas post, I chose to wear the white dress. Red was too classic and even if I really liked the second outfit I still wanted to… Continue reading Style – My Valentine’s Day Outfit 💗