Easter Picnic in Paris 🐰

Hi everyone, how was your Easter holiday ?

I spent mine resting, and catching up with family and friends. But now the exams and lots of homework are coming !
Last Sunday for Easter I went with my family to the Buttes Chaumont, it’s a parc you can visit in Paris, where you can find some nature (there is not much nature in Paris unfortunately). We decided to have a picnic there, on the grass !


The day was half sunny, half cloudy, but still enjoyable 😊
We had some meat, bread, veggies, and a free gluten savoury cake that I made for my mother (she’s allergic to gluten). I’ll make a post with the recipe later, she was really pleased !



What a perfect plate right ?
But only a few minutes later it looked like that :


Eating outside is so messy !
(of course we cleaned all that up after)

We had some dessert too, my sister bought these from Christophe Michalak’s Bakery (it’s a well known french pastry chef), they were really as delicious as pretty  🍰



There were a lot of different flowers and plants in this parc, it was beautiful


And what would Easter be without some chocolate ?


After we finished our lunch, we walked around the parc.
My sister and my second cousin were wearing (almost) the same shoes !


The parc is at high altitude on a small hill, so from very far you could see the Sacré Cœur in the distance :




We also ran into this guy, he had a white parrot on a leash 🐦
Paris is a place where you can really see so many different things and people, it’s amazing.



This tree was so pretty !
The ground was covered in pink petals 🌸 It reminded me a bit of my trip to Japan 🙂


Some abstract art on a bench :


Some panda art on a wall :


(don’t forget kids, vandalism is bad)


Then we ended up drinking something warm in a nice cafe you can find inside the parc.




The Buttes Chaumont is a really a pleasant parc, I recommend going there if you ever visit Paris. And don’t hesitate to have a picnic either ! I don’t do it often but I realised I like to do so, it’s a very convivial way of having lunch 😊

How did you spend your own holiday ?

See ya ! 💙

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