DIY – Painting a Piece of Furniture

Hey !
Here is a more technical DIY than the others I made before, I’m going to show you how I painted a piece of furniture I had !
I bought it new, but I wanted it to we white and not just wood colour, to make it match my kitchen better 😊

I’m not sure how it is called though, it’s a kind of shelf I guess ? It holds a kitchen roll and a plastic film roll, and it also has some hooks to hang things on them.

• What you’ll need


  • A piece of furniture to paint
  • A (small) paint roller and a regular paint brush for details
  • Some paint (made for wood)
  • An Under-layer (I used a universal one)
  • Some waterproof protection to protect the ground (I used an old shower curtain, and a plastic folder)

⚠️ Warning ⚠️
I used a new piece of furniture that has never been used before, if you want to paint an old furniture that has already been used, you’ll need to scrap it with sand paper.

1. Place your protection on the ground

I placed my curtain and plastic folder, but don’t hesitate to place an additional protection underneath all that (honestly I should have). Also, keep a cloth or some paper to immediately clean every paint spot that might drop on the floor or on yourself !


 2. Place your furniture on the protected area

Don’t forget to separate every piece you can remove to paint it separately : if you paint something that has drawers, remove them. If there are removable hooks and knobs, remove them too !


3. Open the can

Open your cans by using a screwdriver and a hammer if necessary, while holding them between your legs or with someone’s help to hold the can. To close it, just replace the lid on top of the can, and push it with the hammer until it is sealed again 🔨


4. Paint with the under-layer

Soak your paint roller into the under-layer paint, and roll it on a surface to drain it a bit (it can be a plate you don’t care about, personally I just rolled it on the lid of the can placed upside down). Add an under-layer coat with your paint roller all over your furniture. Let it dry according to your product instructions (mine needed 24 hours of drying). Use the smaller paint brush to paint every corner or difficult area that is too small to reach with the roller  🖌️


 5. Paint with the actual paint

After the under-layer dried, apply the paint. Let dry between every coat according to the paint instructions, I added 3 coats of paint (don’t forget the small parts with the regular paintbrush again ).


And you’re done !


I didn’t add any glaze or additional product, since it’s not a furniture that is going to be rubbed too much (and the vendor said it wasn’t necessary).
But maybe if it’s a table you might need one, I’d suggest you ask the person who sells you the paint if it’s needed !

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, don’t hesitate to ask anything !
I’ll do my best to answer you 😊

See ya ! 💙

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26 thoughts on “DIY – Painting a Piece of Furniture

    1. You’re welcome ! 😉 Well it all depends on your energy really, it’s true that it’s a long project ! If you decide to do it I would suggest removing the doors, so they don’t move and make a mess during the process. Wish you the best ! 💕


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