Review – CND Keratin Nail Rescue

Review – CND Keratin Nail Rescue


Hey !

I’ve told you about this new favorite of mine in my December Favorites post, so here’s the promised CND nail rescue review !
Just so you know, I have the worst nails on the planet : they chip, split, break in the middle, get weird white spots, and are so transparent you can see through them.

Here’s a picture of a good day for my nails, as you can see a whole chip of nail just decided to move on with its life, but hey at least there’s still some nail under it :


chipped nails keratin cure  chipped nails cure


I dropped the idea of having long nails a long time ago, since all the tips and products I tried at the time failed. But when I saw a blogger talk about how good this product was for her own bad nails, I decided to do something and try the product out.



Here are the claims and ingredients of this cure :

cdn rescue rx treatment details  cdn rescue rx nail treatment details


The name of the product is the Daily Keratin Treatment Rescue Rx, by CND. It has an oil texture and apparence. I’ts transparent, and kind of smells like burnt cotton candy, but I weirdly like it. For me, the only bad side of applying this is that you get oily fingers for half an hour, but I can deal with that if it means I get flawless nails.


This is how I used it :

Apply it twice a day, once in the morning and once on the evening
Massage your nail and the cuticle around it until the oil is absorbed
Repeat everyday for two weeks


rescue rx treatment


And it worked wonders !
Here are my nails, after 15 days of daily treatment :


rescue rx nails treatment


They’re strong, thick, and the most opaque that they have ever been. They didn’t split or peel, but some weird white spots sometimes appeared until it stabilized.
And most of all : they are LONG.
Damn, look at those claws ! My princess nail dream has finally come true. The downside is that since I never had such long nails, I now hurt myself (and my boyfriend) because my brain is not used to this nail length yet. But hey I’ll get used to it eventually !


result cdn rescue rx nail treatment





No surprise here :

I absolutely recommend this CND nail rescue. There’s plenty of it in the bottle, and you don’t need to use much for it to actually work, so I still have a lot of it. Plus, it’s not that expensive given the results, you can find it for less than 6€ or 10$ on amazon (that’s where I bought my bottle).






Would you like to try the CND keratin treatment out ?
What do you do for your own weak nails ?


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  1. 09/01/2018 / 22:08

    My nails are the same as yours, to be honest- nightmare!. I have been taking some ‘skin, hair and nails’ tablets, but I’m not seeing any effects yet. As I’m a chef my nails are constantly in and out of gloves and water, so that doesn’t help! Does it stay on your nails like a clear nail polish, or does it just dry and disappear? I’m not allowed to wear anything on my nails in case it chips off into food

    • Oriana
      10/01/2018 / 01:01

      Yeah I did take those tablets too, but they didn’t help much either ? The product is not like a nail polish or a protection layer at all, it’s oil based so once it gets absorbed by your nails there’s nothing left on it ! The delicious food will be safe, see it as an intense nail moisturizer ?

  2. 10/01/2018 / 02:34

    I don’t have generally weak nails, but this still sounds like an awesome product I would use if they ever started to weaken! Thanks so much for sharing (:

  3. 10/01/2018 / 10:10

    The white spots are usually known as ‘stress marks’, theyre said to come whenever you’re stressed or malnourished somehow 🙂 I’m glad this treatment works for you though, your nails look great!

  4. 10/01/2018 / 10:14

    I wouldn’t say that my nails are wear really but this sounds awesome. Thanks for introducing it to me!

  5. 05/02/2018 / 16:23

    Great review! Thanks for sharing!

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