My Everyday Winter Outfit

My Everyday Winter Outfit


Hey !
Here’s a new fashion post, a casual winter outfit !
As promised since I showed you my new long coat in my December Favorites, here’s how it looks on me.
I wear it everyday, so let me show you my to go winter outfit, for every casual day !
Since I belong to the “petite” category, I’ve never had such a long coat before. And even if it might not be classified as a “long” long coat, it’s still very long to me ! But hey, let’s not refrain from being adventurous because of height.


I wear it with mostly with a cozy jumper, a pair of trousers, my new booties, a huge pink scarf to keep me warm, and my grand mother’s vintage bag.





Of course, a cute choker is always a nice touch to make an winter outfit spark !


winter outfit


winter outfit



Currently in love with mustard ♥


winter outfit


Coat : No Brand
Jumper : Pimkie
Choker : New Look
Jeans and Boots : H&M
Scarf : SIX
Bag : Cacharel (vintage)


How do you like this everyday casual winter outfit ?



  1. 16/01/2018 / 16:13

    Love the mustard-yellowish colour! I had been looking for such a sweater, found it at H&M but couldn’t get my size. But looks great!!

  2. 16/01/2018 / 23:51

    I love read your posts in English ! I think it’s perfect for learn a language and discover (ed ?) new bloggers !

    • Oriana
      17/01/2018 / 00:59

      Aw thank you Charlène ! I agree, reading in English is the best to learn the language ? Thanks for stopping by ?

  3. 17/01/2018 / 09:20

    Beautiful colour on you. Mustard is a fave of mine too. Lovely patterning.

  4. 17/01/2018 / 10:52

    This looks so cozy and warm! I love the scarf too, I always feel so fancy whenever i have those long ones that drape around me so nicely. x

  5. 17/01/2018 / 18:02

    Oh that’s a very cute outfit! I love that coat! That big fluffy scarf looks delightfully warm too.

  6. 20/01/2018 / 10:38

    I love that scarf! It looks so cosy & warm.

  7. 20/01/2018 / 13:48

    Currently living mustard too. Where has it been all my life?

  8. 03/02/2018 / 14:42

    I literally could not believe my eyes when I saw that you had liked my poem Ravenous.

    Your name Oriana is my all time favorite feminine name – it is what I would have wanted to name my daughter had I been able to have one.

    It is also the name I chose to write under whenever I write in the feminine voice.

    In Latin Oriana means dawn, sunrise and in Irish it means Golden.

    I’m considering adding Dawn as the middle name: Orianna Dawn Dalton which means the golden dawn or the golden sunrise.

    Any way I’m very pleased to meet you Oriana and follow your blog.


    Dabir Dalton

    • Oriana
      05/02/2018 / 19:36

      Your poem was very touching indeed. You really know a lot about this name, that’s awesome. I think adding “Dawn” makes the meaning of it beautifully lyric, it’s a great idea ! Pleased to meet you too, I hope you have a great day ! ?

      • 06/02/2018 / 01:18

        Thank you! I looked it up is baby book I consult when looking for a name for a character! 🙂

      • 07/02/2018 / 02:01

        Btw your mustard shirt goes really well with the meaning of your name – the golden light. 🙂

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