Review – Le Mini Macaron Manicure Kit

Review – Le Mini Macaron Manicure Kit


Hey !

As I said in my November Favorites Post, I’m going to talk about this recent discovery I made ! Someone that I know received a Le Mini Macaron Manicure Kit as a present, and as soon as the concept was explained to me I knew I needed to get one of those. So, now that I took time to get my hands on it and test it, I’m going to review this product !

This is a Gel Polish Manicure Kit that dries with blue light, to do at home. I already knew about gel polish that dries in an instant with light, but somehow it seemed too complicated for me, the light device never seemed really practical, and I guess I just didn’t have much interest for it.
I got tempted because of the compactness (and cuteness, let’s not lie) of the macaron shaped light, it looked so tiny ! And as I saw how easy it was to use, I decided to take my first step into the gel polish world.



• Here’s what the kit contains :

mini macaron

  1 Led Lamp
10 Remover Pads
1 Gel Polish Bottle
1 Nail File
1 Cuticle Stick
1 USB Adapter



I got myself a kit in the color Cassis, but also an extra bottle in the shade Rose Butter Cream :




• The application is the easiest :

 Apply a very thin first coat on your nail
 Put it 30 seconds into the macaron light (it will turn off by itself)
 meanwhile, apply the polish on the next nail



This product actually lasts longer if you don’t apply too much product, so make sure your layers are thin ! Two layers worked fine for me.
Just a tip : The first time I put the polish on, I did the dishes the same day, and that made it chip the next day. So don’t do the dishes without dish gloves !
Apart from that, the polish lasts a week before it gets damaged.

But the great news is that if a nail chipped : you can easily fix it in 30 seconds.
And that friends, is what I call progress !

And to end, here are both shades on my nails 💅 :


mini macaron








What do you think of this mini macaron kit ? 😊

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  1. 30/11/2017 / 00:23

    So clever! Great that you can DIY in he comfort of your own home. ?

  2. 01/12/2017 / 03:00

    This is so cute!! Hoping to purchase this someday, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Oriana
      04/12/2017 / 16:32

      Right ? The cuteness of this macaroon is just too much ! ?

  3. 05/04/2018 / 09:45

    Hey that’s so cool. Not sure I’d make as neat a job as you have.

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