Style – My outfit for the Opera 

Hey ! You may have seen my other post about the Opera Garnier, and as I told you in that post, I’m going to show you the outfit I wore at the Opera ! It wasn’t anything particularly transcending, but I liked it anyways.


First,  what do you wear to go to the Opera ?
When you go to the Opera in Paris, you “can’t” go dressed as everyday, well you can, but it’s like an untold rule : you should dress at least a bit fancy. You can actually even come in a fabulous evening dress if you like, some people do and it looks awesome !
But if really, you don’t feel confortable and don’t mind a couple of bourgeois looking at you like you were a dirty wipe, you can go dressed casually.

Now the outfit !
I wanted to go dressed nice, but not so fancy, I wanted my outfit to be a bit sober, so I opted for a solid value: the Little Black Dress.

The place was so great I just had to take a picture at the balcony :

plan-the-perfect dress : Pull and Bearjacket : H&M

Here, that’s me and my mom ! She has her very own style, and I think that’s pretty cool :


(For those who didn’t notice : my mother is Colombian)


I also wore my grandmothers necklace. She passed away a few years ago, and I inherited it.
It’s not a regular necklace though, the coin it holds in the center is a “Louis d’Or”, which is, according to Wikipedia :

 any number of French coins first introduced by Louis XIII in 1640. The name derives from the depiction of the portrait of King Louis on one side of the coin; the French royal coat of arms is on the reverse “


I thought it would fit perfectly into the rich history atmosphere of the Opera, which moreover has a link with my necklace : they are both related to Louis XVI.

Here is a closer look at the back of it, with the french royal coat arms :


That’s also why wanted the rest of the outfit  to be simple, to highlight the necklace and its sentimental and historical value.

And finally, the shoes, I wore the ones I mentioned in my Sales Haul post ! I love the shape and the pattern of the heel, I think that makes them look a bit original.


Shoes : New Look

I hope you liked my outfit, even though it was very simple.

Have you ever went to a place where you had to get all dressed up ?

See ya ! 💛

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20 thoughts on “Style – My outfit for the Opera 

  1. I love the entire outfit but I’m drawn more on the necklace because of the value it has on the wearer. I’m going to watch an Opera, and it will be my first time. So glad you gave me that word of caution on “wear a little fancy.”

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  2. I love your outfit, I was looking for a great style to go to the opera with my mom (who’s half Colombian ) by the way . Since it is the inauguration of the opera in Queens , NY , I wanted something sober . Now , what about a Spring opera outfit ? 😊

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    1. Oh what a coincidence ! 😄 For spring I think I would wear something a bit more colorful like a classy blue or green, but with a nice looking texture (not polyester or an elastic cloth), and maybe a discreet floral pattern ?


      1. Thanks for the great advice, at the end I wore a blue dress, black flats and a floral minipurse. I was pleased with the look. I spent my Easter Sunday at Queens Botanical Garden , a very beautiful place. My next adventure is this Wednesday to Broadway, to see Hamilton. No styles allowed , only uniforms from my High School. Au revoir (hope I said it correctly)for now .

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      2. That sounds like a perfect outfit ! And it’s so cool that your school takes you to Broadway, my school didn’t do such things haha. Au revoir Camila ! 😊 (yes it is correct 😉)


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