Paris – The Opera Garnier

Hey !

The other day we went to see a Ballet at the Opera Garnier of Paris, and since you seem to have liked my last post about Paris, The PanthΓ©on, I thought I’d show you the pictures I took of this amazing place ! Here is the whole building :


The entrance, almost everything is made of marble.


Stunning ceiling, Paris and Europe in general has this kind on amazing ceiling art !


Tree of Codes, this is the ballet we went to see. It wasn’t a classical ballet though, it was a contemporary performance that contrasted beautifully with the place, it was a really nice mix of modern dance and very classical architecture. I would have taken pictures of the show, but obviously it was forbidden ! Sorry πŸ™‚


Another stunning ceiling, this is the one in the main theater room, the style is a lot more baroque than the first one ! This baroque style is typically the style used in the times of french kings, in this case the era of Louis XIV.


After the show, we went to a cafe next to the Opera, called “L’entracte“, which means “The Intermission“, making a reference to the theater world. It was very french, particularly the decoration inside !



Since there are too many things to show, here is a slideshow of all the decorations and details you could see :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



That was all the pictures I took !

In a next post I’ll show you the outfit I was wearing for the occasion 😊
Tell me if you enjoyed this little tour !

Have you ever visited the Opera Garnier in Paris ?

See ya ! πŸ’›





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23 thoughts on “Paris – The Opera Garnier

  1. Wonderful post! I agree that the Opera Garnier is among the jewels of Paris – magnifique! A bit of history for you: The statue on the far right in the front of the Opera house was the source of much controversy when it was first revealed. The statues along the front were commissioned to represent the different styles of art to be performed inside. The one on the far right was meant to embody “Dance”, which is not an easy concept to capture in a statue. Apparently, the intertwined bodies in the statue made many Parisians feel that the statue was “implied pornography” and it was quite a scandal. Maybe I’m just de-sensitized, because I don’t see anything explicit. Oh how times have changed! Take a close look the next time you visit and let me know what you think.

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    1. Thank you for this anecdote ! πŸ™‚ It’s not that surprising though, around the inauguration of the building (I think it was somewhere between 1669-1800 ?) The public opinion considered much more things to be “sexual”, plus religion still had a huge place in society. I think I see which statue you’re talking about, and honestly I don’t see anything explicit with my “modern” eyes either. But I guess they saw something else in it !


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