🌈 Colorful Stationery Haul

stationery pin

Hey hey !

It’s been a long time since I made my last haul, and since I bought some new stationery goodies at the Hema store, here is a small stationery haul.
I found some really cute stuff, and I thought you would enjoy to see the whole thing 😊

Also, I found outΒ last week was stationery week, I didn’t even know such week existed. It may seem weird, but I love the idea of a week only dedicated to stationery.

Like I said, most of it comes from Hema, but I found some of it at Monoprix too.
Regarding stationery, I always try to find colorful items to make everything a little fun and pretty. That’s how I like my things ! ✨

So here we go :

cute paper

Cute paper right ? I stumbled upon it in the store, and thought it was such a greatΒ thing to have. The patterns are very cute, and it can be used for any crafty idea ! Plus, it was really cheap, thanks Hema haha. I also got myself a regular colored paper block, because it can also be usefulΒ βœ‚οΈπŸŽ¨

β€’ Cute Pattern PaperΒ β€’ Regular Colored PaperΒ β€’


I got myself a geometric pattern notebook, because you always need a nice looking notebook ! I have 5 of those, waiting to be used, but I keep buying more : I can’t help it ! This one is from monoprix.
β€’Β here is a similar oneΒ β€’

I also found theseΒ colored stars that are puffy stickers you can stick everywhere, look at how cute they are !
β€’Β Cute Puffy StarsΒ β€’

And the best thing ever : a to do list !
I always tend to forget to do things, even important ones. I have a very selective lazy mind, so being organized is the only way of not forgetting anything !

Unfortunately they don’t sell it a Hema anymore, but here are some similar cute ones :



hi letter

And last but not least : some colorful envelopes and matching cards. I always like to write and draw little birthday or event cards for my loved ones, and I thought it would look way prettier if I stopped cutting them myself (I always fail at cutting them straight). I really love those pastel spring colours, they have a cheerful vibe to them

β€’ Envelopes and Cards SetΒ β€’

I already used two of these items for my boyfriend’s birthday : I took an envelope, and some of the puffy stars to decorate it. I also used a golden pen I already had to write his name, and voilΓ  !

victor anniv

I’ll show you in another post what’s inside of the envelopeΒ πŸ’Œ

What do you think of the stationery items I found ?

See ya !Β πŸ’–

– This post contains affiliate links

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