Colombia – Travel Diary #8 : Countryside, Weird Plants, and Goodbye Parties !

Colombia – Travel Diary #8 : Countryside, Weird Plants, and Goodbye Parties !



Hey !

This is the last Travel Diary of my Colombian series, everything has to come to an end unfortunately !


▶ If you haven’t read the previous diaries, you can find them right here :


So, the last things we did were mostly located around my uncle’s “parcela”, which I think is called a “country house” in english? It’s a kind of secondary property, usually out of town.


 A Day at My Uncle’s :

We had 5-3 days left to spend before our leave, and we decided to stay at my uncle’s that day. His country house was designed by him with an architect’s help, it’s beautiful and located high, on top of a small hill. We arrived for lunch, and my uncle’s family had prepared a barbecue : the meat was really tasty ! :



After lunch, we kind of wandered around while some others were napping on a hammock, and I saw these old pictures, there was one of my grand parents. My grandmother was really beautiful :


Empera & Marco



And here’s my mother when she was 20, on her graduation day :





By the way, here’s the outfit I was wearing that day : a long dress I bought there in Colombia (which by chance, doesn’t make me look like a dwarf), and also a new pair of sunglasses :





What do you think of the style ? I like the cat eye look.

It was a chill day, we spent the night there. The moon was extremely shiny that evening, it almost looked like the sun :




 A Hot Hiking :

The next day, we woke up early to go for a hike around my uncle’s house. This area is in the rural part of Colombia, there aren’t any proper roads, and the population is composed mostly of farmers.


We saw people with cows, people on horses, on motorcycles… and some with cars, but not that much. As you can see it was very dusty ! It’s because it’s “summer” on that time of the year, which in Colombia means it doesn’t rain at all, and the sun is reeaaaaally hot.


This was the local church we stumbled upon, all bricks, no windows, and a roof  made of corrugated iron, very picturesque.




We were walking towards a lake that was near. It was equipped with some boats, people could pay to sail on it. Someone actually planted their own tent on the side of the lake !


lake landscape


Then, we walked around the basin, through a small path. There was a lot of wild and weird nature, such as tree ferns




On our way back, we met this cute pug doggie, who wanted to eat whatever we had in our hands. I always love how in Colombia, wherever you go, there’s always a cute pet !




At the end of the walk, we had a well deserved comforting lunch ! With braised beef, potatoes, cassava, plantain, and a bit of guacamole :





 Goodbye Parties ! :

Before we had to leave, the last two days we went out with our cousin and some friends, it was really nice ! We spend the first night at a peculiar pub called “Bendito” (meaning “blessed”). The decoration there was bright and colorful ✨



We spent the last night at my uncle’s house, with other cousins. We had a fun karaoke party, and came back home at 5 a:m !

The next day we left on a bus, with the long road to Cali ahead of us. We then had to do all the long 12h journey from the beginning but backwards : Cali-Madrid-Paris.

That was it !

the end.png


How did you like this series ?
I’m always glad to share anything about my second country with you since there are so many things to see and tell, but I hope it wasn’t too boring !
I wish I could have showed you really every single thing, but there was just too much to see.

Tell me what you thought of it in the comments !








  1. 28/08/2017 / 04:27

    Wow it must be so much fun ?
    U look so pretty ?

    • Oriana
      07/09/2017 / 12:15

      It really was ! Thank you Aditi ??

  2. 28/08/2017 / 09:53

    Beautiful photos, really enjoyed experiencing different countries by blog posts. xx

    • Oriana
      07/09/2017 / 12:18

      Thank you Azra ! I’m glad you enjoyed the post ??

    • Oriana
      07/09/2017 / 12:18

      I did ! ?

  3. 28/08/2017 / 12:06

    ahhh the Colombia diaries is over. ): I really love your entries! Your pictures shows that Colombia is really like what they say, beautiful and exotic!

    • Oriana
      07/09/2017 / 12:21

      It is ! Sorry dear, I’m really glad you enjoyed reading them ! ? And yes, Colombia is exactly like that ?

  4. 28/08/2017 / 20:09

    Omg the cows! So cute and that lil puggo (:

    • Oriana
      07/09/2017 / 12:22

      Right ? There are always cute animals there ??

    • Oriana
      07/09/2017 / 12:32

      Thanks ! ?

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