2000 Followers + New Changes !


Hey all !

✨ 2000 ! This is so many people, I barely know what to say !

Without you guys none of this would have been possible, I surely would have dropped off this blog like I did with the previous ones.

But having people connecting with you on the other side of the screen is actually amazing.




To mark the occasion, I decided to renew the whole design of this blog, like many other bloggers (it’s like there’s some sort of blogger design crisis at some point 😁) :

β€’ I bought a new themeΒ 


β€’ I redrew the banner, with a more simple & purified design :


β€’ I changed the IconΒ :



β€’ I added personalized buttons & titles :


β€’ The Latest Posts can be found on an interactive Sliding Tile now :


β€’ And all the posts are displayed in a different way :

And I plan on doing much more !

What do you think of these new changes ?

Please don’t hesitate to tell me if you think a feature isn’t easy to find, or isn’t practical to use : I’ll do my best to improve it  😊

See ya !Β πŸ’œ

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31 thoughts on “2000 Followers + New Changes !

    1. Thank you Maggie ! πŸ’— That sounds great, an homogenous blog is pleasant to browse 😊 Well, I used my hands and photoshop ! But you can find many useful apps to make designs, I know many bloggers use canva πŸ™‚


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