Colombia Shopping Haul πŸ›

Hey !

As promised in some of my Colombia Travel Diaries, here is the big Colombian Haul of everything I shopped there !

You have to know that I’m not rich AT ALL, the thing is in Colombia everything is the cheapest, so I always take this opportunity to buy some stuff.

Now let’s see what I found 😊


β€’ This Cute Cherry Blouse :

Aren’t the cherries cute ? The blouse is from Seven Seven, they have a great style so I always drop by when I’m in Colombia.



β€’ This Gorgeous Japanese Jacket :

Seven Seven too, like I said their style of clothes is great ! This jacket is perfect for fall.

They don’t sell it anymore unfortunately, but here are some similar ones :


β€’ These Cat eye Sunglasses :

I love how those look ! They’re also again, from Seven Seven ! Find them Here



β€’ These Hydrating Masks :

Who doesn’t like good hydration ? I’ve never triedΒ gold powder eye masks, I might post a review about it ! These are not a huge brand (BACC ?), I found them in a bazaar.


If you want to try the gold powder eye mask trend too ✨ :

Β  Β Β 


β€’ This Cute Cat Tee :

Have I ever told you I loved cats ? Thought so, here’s another cat related shirt to add to my closet ! This one is from Bershka.

cat shirt

It goes perfectly with my pusheen pencil case



β€’ This Yellow Dress :

This is the Dress from my Travel Diary #6 ! You can find it onΒ Bershka too.

outfit 1



β€’ This Dotted Pair Of Trousers :

Love the dots ! It changes from the regular plain pair of trousers that I usually have. This one is Zara TRF.




β€’ This Pink Cape Blouse :

Is it a Cape ? Is it a Blouse ? It’s both ! I love the shape of this top (from Zara too).
Find It Right Here !

cape blouse


β€’ This Motivating Bottle :

My aunt opened a shop in Colombia called Luz de Hada (Fairy Light), this bottle is from her shop ! It says : “ Today I’m going to give it allΒ “.




β€’ This Cute Fake Plant Diffuser :

Another item from my aunt’s shop ! It’s a diffuser, and it smells like watermelonΒ πŸ‰
It says : ” Take a Risk




β€’ This Pretty Long Dress :

I found this beauty in a Falabella shop ! It fits really well in my opinion




β€’ This Floral Long Skirt :

Love those flowers ! I found it in a “no brand” store, in Florencia.

flower skirt


β€’ This Top With Ruffle Sleeves :

Simple but pretty, love the bell/ruffle sleeves trend ! This one is from Tennis, a Colombian store.

ray shirt



β€’ These Gorgeous Bags :

MK, Bershka, and a “no brand” bag !



β€’ This Nice Outfit :

I bought this outfit in the Mardrid Airport, in Spain Zara is cheaper than everywhere else Β ! Find the Blouse Here



β€’ These Awesome Shoes :

Again, looking for something different with the white ones ! This pair is from Zara too. It looks a bit like an old lady’s pair of shoes, but I like the vintage vibe they have ! The others are Jumbo.

Similar low boots right here :

Β  Β  Β Β  Β  Β 


There were sooo many things to put into my luggage !
I’m not sure how I managed to take it all back with me.

Do you also do a lot of shopping while on holiday ? 😊

See ya !Β πŸ’œ

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    1. Thank you Ingrid πŸ’• I definitely will, it’s true that most of Colombian products are great and without too many aggressive chemicals ! It’s funny, your conditioner is named “duck” ! That’s cute 😊 I haven’t heard of it, so I’ll check it out !

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