DIY – Chicken Sancocho Recipe 🇨🇴

Hey ! Since my latest post, Colombia Travel Diary #4, some bloggers were interested by the Sancocho I showed in the said post. That’s why I decided to make a post so everyone can have the recipe ! A Sancocho is, to quote myself : “a  Colombian kind of “stew” soup made with hen meat (or chicken), tubers (plantain, potatoes, cassava/manioc…), vegetables (corn, carrots,… Continue reading DIY – Chicken Sancocho Recipe 🇨🇴

DIY – Colombian Empanadas Recipe

Hey ! As mentioned in my Birthday Post, the Sunday after my birthday we had a food party with some friends ! It was kind of latino centered, since we were many to come from South America (Mainly Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico...). But there were also Portuguese, French, Italian, and Lebanese people. Since I was… Continue reading DIY – Colombian Empanadas Recipe

DIY – Peanut Butter Chocolate Muffins

Ok, before you start running away trying to escape from all those calories and carbs : this is a very healthy version ! 💖 I didn't use a recipe at all for this, I kind of wanted to do a microwaved  chocolate mug cake at first, but I remembered I didn't own a microwave. Then, I… Continue reading DIY – Peanut Butter Chocolate Muffins

🌸 Spring : Inspiration Mood Board

Hey ! I don't have any allergies, I like flowers, light breezes, and the soft early rays of the sun. Yeah, I like spring ! I love the fact that it's warmer but not summer warm, I love looking at the flowers blossom... to me all of those little details make everyday a bit more enjoyable.… Continue reading 🌸 Spring : Inspiration Mood Board

DIY – 10 Ways to Reuse Empty Containers

Hey ! Everyone has empty containers at home, and almost every time when the original content is gone, we just put it in the bin and that's it. But every time I can't help but wonder : Should I really throw this away ? Isn't there a way to use this ? It mostly happens… Continue reading DIY – 10 Ways to Reuse Empty Containers

DIY – Valentine’s Day Chocolates 🍫

If you need a last minute Valentine's Day Gift, this is perfect for you ! Valentine's Day homemade chocolates are the best, you can make them with different flavors, and the fact that you made them yourself really shows the other person you care about them ! Plus, chances are you already have all you… Continue reading DIY – Valentine’s Day Chocolates 🍫