DIY – Valentine’s Day Chocolates 🍫


If you need a last minute Valentine’s Day Gift, this is perfect for you ! Valentine’s Day homemade chocolates are the best, you can make them with different flavors, and the fact that you made them yourself really shows the other person you care about them ! Plus, chances are you already have all you need into your pantry, and everyone knows heart-shaped food automatically tastes better !  💝

The ingredients :

  • Chocolate
  • Sprinkles
  • A mold
  • Salted Caramel (optional)


For this recipe I used a 200g chocolate bar with 7 “rows”, and only used 4 “rows” of it, so approximately 140g (or 5 oz, not sure how these units work), and it was enough to make 12 chocolate hearts.

1. Melt the chocolate in the bath marries

This step is pretty easy, just melt the chocolate in a bowl, placed into a pan with water heating up.

2. Sprinkle the bottoms of your mold

Again, pretty self explanatory 🙂


3. Fill the holes and cover the walls

If you don’t want to add a caramel heart to your chocolates, just fill them fully and skip this step to step 5

Fill in half the holes, and with a spoon (or your finger) add some chocolate to cover the walls so it looks like little chocolate bowls. Then wait 2 minutes so the chocolate solidifies a little.


4. Add the salted caramel hearts

You can make your own salted caramel (there are plenty recipes on the internet), but honestly I was lazy and decided to buy it directly from the store. With two spoons (or only one), make little caramel balls, and place them into the holes of the mold. Letting the caramel cool beforehand into the fridge can help molding it, since it will make it stiffer. Then cover them with the rest of the chocolate.


5. Flatten the bottoms and let cool

Flatten the bottoms of your chocolates with a spatula (or a knife, or a spoon), so they look smooth and with no bumps. Don’t worry it WILL be messy. Then, let them cool into the fridge until they are hard.


Now all there is left, is to unmould them and take a bite !



I hope you enjoyed this DIY, I am a bit disappointed since they didn’t turn out as cute as the first time I made them. But they still taste delicious anyways ! I attached to the bag the Valentine’s Day Card I made for my boyfriend 💗

Don’t hesitate to ask anything in the comments, if you have any questions 🙂

See ya ! ❤️

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