Style – 3 Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Red dressWhite
Valentine’s day is just in two days now, and I still haven’t decided what to wear yet ! But I have some ideas. For Valentine’s day we’re going to try out an Indian restaurant with my boyfriend.
I love Valentine’s Day, and I love cliched outfits too, I want my outfit to scream:

Sooo, if you’re not into that, i’m really sorry 💗 And the first outfit here, is a classic red dress :


– All : H&M – Necklace : Wish

I’m really sorry about the next outfit, I didn’t realize all the full pictures were THAT blurry. But i’ll post one of them anyways, and another so you can see the outfit better !

– T-shirt : Esprit – Trousers : Zara – Shoes : H&M – Purse : Thrift store –

And finally the last one, a bit more edgy than the other two : a white dress ! :



Dress : ASOS – Cardigan : Bershka – Shoes : Texto – Purse : Pull and Bear


– Earrings : Wish –

Here are all the products I used for my make up :


– Coral lipstick : Yves Rocher – Velvetines (Red Velvet Cupid) : Lime Crime

Which one do you prefer ?

Tell me in the comments, and if like me, you haven’t decided yet what to wear for Valentine’s Day, maybe take some ideas !

See ya ! ❤️

21 thoughts on “Style – 3 Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas”

  1. Thank you so much for saying hi on my blog the other day 🙂 I am glad you did so I found your nice blog!
    I looooove the shoes in your last outfit! Also the ones from the first 😛 Where did you buy them? 🙂
    Many greetings!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for stopping by, and you’re welcome ! As someone who travels, your post was interesting to read 😊 About the shoes, the ones from the first outfit are from h&m, and the ones from the last outfit are from Texto 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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