Valentine’s Day Card πŸ’˜

Just a quick post to show you the card I drew for my boyfriend for Valentine’s day !

Since I’m french and he is too, obviously I wrote the message in french.

Here is my card :



For the small hearts, I used some punchers to cut them and pasted them on the card to decorate it. And I used another puncher to cut the hole to add a ribbon to it. I want to then attach the card to the gift i’m giving to my boyfriendΒ πŸŽ€



And for those interested, here are the tools I used : a red felt pen, a grey/silver colored pencil, a peach colored pencil, a pink colored pencil, a thin grey felt pen, and a red colored pencil.



🌈  πŸ–Œ




It’s the first time I post something I drew, and I was thinking of maybe posting actual drawings too later.

This post was really quick, but I’m working on some others tomorrow !

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day ?

See ya ! πŸ’—

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