Christmas Gift Wrapping

Christmas Gift Wrapping


What would Christmas be without Christmas gifts?

Yes, the most important part is being with family, sharing a great meal, and being all generous and stuff. But we’ll let the boring part out of this post (jk don’t kill me please), and we are going to concentrate on the gifts part   😀

I wanted to share with you the wrappings I made, they might not be the bests but It’s something I really enjoy doing since it’s crafty.

Also, I don’t know if you’ve heard of memes (if not you really need to step out of that cave), but I “made” a doge wrapping paper, there are some websites that print wrapping paper with any picture you give them it’s so cool :



(Don’t worry. It’s supposed to be ugly. that’s the joke.)


And here are the gifts I wrapped !




Candy canes : immediate Christmas feeling.



Some small doge presents filled with candy :





On the tag : that’s a small Pikachu stamp I bought in Japan ! It’s really cute.




Green and gold : Christmassy and classy.




I cut a piece of the doge wrapping paper and voilà !






That’s all I got, tell me if you liked my wrappings



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