Christmas spirit


During the holidays, most of us spend time with our families and siblings, personally I went to visit my mom and grand parents. They live in a town at one hour from Paris, it’s called OrlΓ©ans (the french one, not the new one).
I didn’t entirely grew in it, but I lived some years there, including all of my teen years.
It was quite awful actually, that’s why I decided to leave town, but now I kinda feel a bit nostalgic I guess 😊
Anyways, here are some pictures of our Christmas time !

To begin with, at my mom’s we have a Christmas tree. But I mean, literally :




Here are some details from the Christmas market in OrlΓ©ans Β :

christmas market - Copie (2)

christmas stones - Copie

christmas tree market - Copie

red bells - Copie


And finally here’s Christmas at my grand parents ! :

christmas table - Copie


christmas table wine and bread - Copie (2)

christmas tree silver - Copie (2)

christmas table oysters - Copie

christmas deserts - Copie


That’s all I got, there were so many pictures but I couldn’t put them all here.

Let me know If you liked them, and tell me what weird Christmas tradition you might have in you family (like my mom’s weird tree)

And now, let’s work out to spend all that food before we get fat !

Or let’s just get fat, who cares anyways πŸ˜‰


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