It’s raining gifts !


In this post, I’m going to show you the gifts I got for Christmas ! πŸŽ„Β πŸŽ

Unfortunately I couldn’t manage to put them all here, since some were eaten already (I know, I am indeed guilty of gluttony).

First, my sister gave meΒ the Christmas edition of My Little BoxΒ (this post is NOT sponsored put that rock down please), I’ll show you the content of it below :



Inside of the box

(it might not be identical to the original one, I understood my sister made some changes) :


My sister told me she added two Chanel products to the box. I love them, theyΒ give off a really classy and chic feeling :


And now from my mother, a Bourjois mascara, and two organic products, a Vanilla perfume from Acorelle (it’s smells like ice cream it’s sooo nice), and a make up palette from SanteΒ :


Look at those colors, some really nice pink nudes :



And voilΓ , I really got a lot of gifts this year, maybe I’ll show the rest of it in another post when I have some more time. For now I have to brace myself, as the exams are coming !

Tell me if you liked my gifts, and wish me luck for the revisions that are waiting for meΒ πŸ˜…

See ya πŸ’™

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