1500 Followers ! (+ Free Printable)

Hey !

Just a quick post to thank you all, my friends and readers, because we reached 1500 !

I don’t know what I can say more than everything I’ve already said : thank you so much for being here every one 😊

Sans titre

I always try my best to make every post as perfect as I can, and even if sometimes it can be tiring, I have to say that I really love blogging. It’s just such an awesome community of caring people!

Sometimes I can feel like I lack inspiration, that even if I try to force my brain into it, I won’t be able to find any great idea to show to you (that’s why I wentΒ MIA recently, sorry about that). But in the end, it’s only for a period of time, the enthusiasm always comes back !

To thank you, my readers, I decided to offer you my first Free Printable ✨
It’s a week planner, you can download the full size version here :

🌱 Free Printable Week Planner 🌿

Week planner free printable

I did it allΒ by myself drawingΒ it on Photoshop, and even if I hate braggingΒ I can’t help but feel proud of myself for that one (but really, I’m not an arrogant person, please don’t see me like that ! ).

Do you like it ? Tell me what you think about it ! 😊

I’m planning to organize another giveaway if I reach 2000, that would be as insane as reaching 1k, seriously. The future will tell us !

See ya !Β πŸ’œ

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46 thoughts on “1500 Followers ! (+ Free Printable)

    1. Thank you ! πŸ’— 500 is a big step too, a giveaway is a great idea ! If you really can’t decide, a fellow blogger named Cheila (from Pink for Days) decided to give away anything the person would want from an online store (with a limited price of course), this could be an idea ! 😊

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  1. This is AWESOME!! Congratulations Oriana!! You definitely deserve it and much much more because your blog is awesome! I can’t wait to celebrate 2000 followers on your blog-I’m sure you will get there in no time! Also your printable is gorgeous! 😍 I love it!!

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