Shopping Haul #2

Hey amazing people !

How are you ? Are you on holiday already ? I’ve been doing some shopping recently, and I remembered I did a shopping haul last time that happened (yeah i’m a poor student, fashion and lack of money don’t usually go together unfortunately). So, why not do another shopping haul ?

If you want, go check out my previous Sales Shopping Haul Post ! 😊

Most of the items come from H&M, I have to say I do buy a loooot of things from them. The first one is a basic pink skater dress, perfect for summer :

pink dress

• Dress : H&M •

The second one from H&M too, is this baby blue sweatshirt, because summer doesn’t mean chilly days fly away !

(at least in France )

They didn’t have this one on the online store anymore unfortunately 😐 so here are two similar styled ones if you’re looking for sweatshirts  :


Blue : Nanmoi Sweater Store •                    • Pink : SweatyRocks •

Next, these amazing lavender heels, not too high, nor too low. Because obviously, I needed more shoes (I have 40+ pairs at home, at this point I’m just insane BUT HEY, the’re pretty ) :


Heels : H&M

And as I said in my May Favourites Post, I bought some pieces according to the “off the shoulder” trend ! :

off shoulder blue

As above, couldn’t find the exact one on the H&M store. Here are some similar ones :

off the shoulder blue 1491616194117116841.jpg 1495756722135778810.png

 BLDO •                              •  Zaful •                                  •  Zaful •  

On the same trend, I found this gorgeous rose embroidered dress, I ordered it online from SheInside :

Red rose black dress

(sorry about the blurriness and the wrinkles by the way ! There were some issues with the camera 😅)

red rose black dress full.png

Aaand again, the item is no longer available. So, more similar ones !

The good part is that this style of dress is everywhere right now, quite easy to find :

61CpUI8rPJL._UX679_embroided dress 19e0bbfe61ba6552f62e020124c14dfd5

• Comfy •                     • Lily Rose Girl •                            • Zaful

And last, I found this pretty Floral Jumpsuit ! 🌺 It was made for petites girls, but since I’m REALLY short, I still needed to cut a big part of the straps (they were so long you could see all my bra). I found it at the Topshop boutique that you can find in the Galeries Lafayette, in Paris :

I wore it for Mother’s day ! We went on a boat trip, I’ll make a post about it 😊✨ :

full picture look

Jumpsuit : Topshop

And that’s it !

Which is your favorite ? Tell me in the comments ! 😊

See ya ! 💜

51 thoughts on “Shopping Haul #2”

  1. Those lavender heels are so sweet! I like the style so much – I can honestly say that I do not own lavender heels so it’s a “need”, right? 😉
    The floral jumpsuit looks so polished yet super comfy. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course ! 💕 And even if you had lavender flats, you still would need a heel version right ? 😄 Yes the jumpsuit is indeed very comfy ! It’s amazing to wear 😊


  2. It’s all very pastell-ish and I love it, especially the slogans. A few days ago, there was a girl with a “Love yourself” – shirt, the typical ones that everyone wears, but I thought to myself, that seeing someone wearing those does help me think about it and it just does something good to me whenever I read it somewhere! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I’m all about pastel coloured stuff right now 💗 I agree with you positivity is always needed in someone’s life, even if it’s generic (and on someone else’s shirt, haha). That’s why I got the blue sweatshirt, I just loved the love message ! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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