Jujitsu Training Session !

Hey !

This post might seem a bit random to you dear readers, because it the subject has nothing to do with what I usually blog about. But it’s something I like, so I though why not share it with everyone ?
Last week end, with Victor and some friends, we decided to book a Dojo on our own, so we could have a Jujitsu training session 🥋

Here we are, my friends and I !

dreamteam 2

(From left to right : Me, Victor, Pierre, Timothée, and Caroline.)


• A bit about Japanese Jujitsu :

Jujitsu (and not Jiu-Jitsu, the Brazilian version) is a martial art, that could be considered as the ancestor of every other Japanese martial art. There are kicks, punches, throwing people on the ground, and joint locks. It was the fighting style samurai used when they didn’t have their sword with them, that’s why it’s very versatile !

The Dojo takes place in the same building as a shop, called Masamune, the entrance doesn’t look like much but wait until you see what’s inside (the owner was really nice with us by the way) :

Masamune flyers.png

Masamune entrance.png

It’s a Japanese items shop, that sells lots of Kendo and Aïkido swords, but also cute Geta shoes and many martial art related accessories you can find in Japan 🇯🇵 (they even have some antique swords) :


Now, here is the main Dojo room (sorry in advance, the lightning was not good) :


Loved the decoration there, very “Japanese” ! ⛩️

dojo decoration

For some reason, there were two chicken toys on the corner. But hey, I like randomness.


And as you would think, we might have executed spectacular moves, where people ended up flying to the other side of the room. Well, there were some of those :


But often, the fight just ends up in a weird tangle on the ground, where you try your best not to get locked by your opponent :

weird tangling

(don’t get fooled by my smiling face, I don’t know what the hell I’m trying to do there)

And in the end, we all end up like this :


I’ve not practiced Jujitsu for that long (a year and a half or so), but since we don’t have time to practice with a club at the same time as college, it was very unwinding and fun.


Did you like reading about this martial art ? Tell me in the comments ! 😊

Do you practice any kind of fighting sports ?


See ya ! 💙

4 thoughts on “Jujitsu Training Session !”

    1. You totally should ! 😊 I wasn’t confident at first because obviously I’m not muscular and all, but if you decide to jump out of your comfort zone it’s actually thrilling to see yourself being able to fight ! I’m glad you liked it 💕

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