11 Travel Essentials (For a Long Holiday)

Hey !

July is here, it’s holiday time ! This year I’m going to Colombia to visit my family on my mother’s side, yay ! We’re going to stay a whole month there, and that means that I need to pack efficiently so I don’t have to carry my whole house on my shoulders

That’s why I though I’d show you the 11 things that I think are essential to me for a long holiday like this one 😊


1. A Currency Converter App

This is to me one of the most important things I bring with me when I travel (assuming it’s in another country of course). It helps knowing accurately how much I spend, without having to calculate it all every time ! (I’m so bad at math, it would take me ages anyway) 💰

Currency converter

2. Sewing Kits

Ok, this one may not be essential to everyone, but personally I always need to fix something, be it for me or for someone else. A button that pops out, a rip after climbing or walking though the forest, a new cloth that doesn’t fit well… I like to be able to fix all that wherever I go !

sewing kit

Plus, look at that sewing kit from Marzia’s Floral Box … so cute !

3. Containers and Samples

This is a must have for whenever you need to take the plane for a few hours, or if you don’t want to take your full size bottle with you on vacation. I always take a sample or fill a small container with face washing soap, acne care, night/day face cream, hair oil 


Tip : a toothpaste sample is perfect after lunch/dinner when you’re on the plane. Don’t forget your toothbrush though !

4. A Local Sim Card

If you’re lucky enough to travel to a country where the mobile offers are cheap, I highly recommend getting a local sim card. It helps a lot with not getting lost (if you your phone has a GPS of course), it’s also nice to be able to call other people or the police/ambulance when needed. 📲

Or just so you can check your phone at the bus station.


5. Power Banks

Be it while travelling, or at home, who doesn’t hate when their device is out of battery ? A power bank is AWESOME. It’s like another life in a video game : when it’s over, i’ts not really over. Very useful when you’re going to be out all day, or when you have many hours to spend on the plane !


Here are some power banks, you can see there are a lot of price ranges :

6. Bring Your Own Medicine

We might think this is not actually necessary, and for many drugs it might be true. But I’ve already been confronted to situations where the drug I was looking for just didn’t exist where I was (or at least in a very not convenient version).

Plus : who wants a killer headache when you’re deep in the Colombian forest (the answer is no one).


7. Rationalize Make Up

Well, this only applies if you put make up on, obviously. I do bring make up, but only in small amounts. From left to right :


Did you spot the hidden Pusheen ?

8. Rationalize Your Wardrobe

Clothes take a lot of space in a suitcase, so better rationalize them ! The best way to do this in my opinion is to choose them according to a palette, so everything goes well together no matter what ! 👗

I made you this picture so you can see how I pack my outfits :

Travel wardrobe

I actually tried to draw my own clothes… hope you like it ! 

9. Paper/App Dictionaries

Another reason why I like to buy a local sim card : to have my dictionary app with me. But a really small paper dictionary can be great too !


Ps : Wordreference is life.

10. A Nice Camera 

I’m not talking necessarily about a really good one, like DSLR cameras, because I wouldn’t justify buying something I can’t use for that price. I’m the type of person who likes great pictures, but hates having to do something else than press the button. I bought this camera and it was a revelation, it’s perfect ! It does exactly what I want, I’m going to be so glad to be able to have nice pictures of my trip 📸


This one is the Sony Alpha 5000, you can find it right here

11. A Practical Backpack

Of course, you’ll obviously need a nice and practical backpack to carry everything you need when you’re out visiting your holiday place !


This is the end of the list !
Did you like it ? What are your own Travel Essentials ? 😊

See ya ! 💜

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25 thoughts on “11 Travel Essentials (For a Long Holiday)

  1. Very good post, just one thing I would say, a PLAN B, is always good as part of planning. what I mean with plan B is that is always a great idea to plan if you lost a suitcase, and ended up with no clothing at all :-), like it happened to me. In my trip to Japan, my suitcase got lost in between airplanes, and it took a few days before I got to see my clothing and all other stuff. In my case I didn’t have a plan B, so now I know that it is convenient to know a little about what stores you will find at your destination place, in my case I found some at the airport and then by the hotel, and I was familiar with the clothing even though the language was different.

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  2. Hi Oriana! I cannot agree more with every item on this list (except for the sewing kit because I’m usually the type to be like, « ah, I can buy that here », or it could just be me being lazy on vacation :P). Yass, I see that map of Tokyo and this is literally me planning for my trip down to Japan next month! So excited and this is a great list for any traveler this summer! XX

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  3. This is an excellent list! Good call on the sewing kit! I have a teeny one and have used it sooo many times when travelling. I like to have a small tube of hand washing soap too. Sometimes you can’t easily get to laundry, so I like to be able to wash things in a sink if I need to. 🙂

    My essentials are a camera and comfy shoes to walk in.


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