I’m going to Colombia tomorrow !

Hey !

As you read in the title, i’m going to Colombia for a whole month !

That’s why I thought I’d write you this short post, to explain why I might not have time to blog as often as I use to πŸ˜‰ But fortunately, I have some posts pre-prepared in advance, all i’ll have to do is write them and post them.


If you don’t know this, my mother is Colombian, so we’ve lived in Colombia when I was very little. Since we went to live in France, we’ve been going to Colombia every year or every two years to visit my grand parents, many uncles/aunts and cousins, friends of family… So i’m always very happy when we go back there, i’m exited to reconnect with a part of my roots and visit the all the places from my memories.

So, what have I done the past few days ?

I’ve also been to Angers for almost a week with Victor and some friends, so I haven’t answered to all of your comments yet : I’m so sorry !
I’ll catch up and answer on the taxi tomorrow, or at the airport ✈

By the way today was the French national day, the fireworks at Angers were AMAZING :


That’s all I have the time to write, i’m waking up at 5 AM tomorrow (feel my pain please) sorry dear readers !

Or course, I packed according to my 11 Travel Essentials post, check it out to find what I bring with me when I travel !


Do you also go on holiday this summer ? β˜€β›±
Tell me in the comments !

See ya ! πŸ’›

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35 thoughts on “I’m going to Colombia tomorrow !

    1. Ooh I’m so sorry, I don’t have any tips on that one because I never had this problem ! The first time I’ve been on a plane was when I was 3 months old, and then I’ve been travelling by plane every year of my life. I’m really sorry I can’t help you with this issue ! πŸ˜•


      1. Yes keeping your mind busy might be a nice idea ! Music is good, you coukd also read a book. Maybe try essential oils too ? I have a friend who uses those when he has panic attacks, I think it’s lavender essential oil. Sorry I couldn’t help more ! Have a nice trip πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•


    1. Hey Liz ! Thank you very much for the nomination ! πŸ’– I’m having a blast here indeed, I’ll check out your post when I’ll have time ! (and Wi-Fi access for more than 2 min haha). Hope you have a wonderful day ! 😊

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