Liebster award : again and again !

Liebster award : again and again !

Now, here’s my second and third nomination in a row for the Liebster award ! I’m sorry I took so much  time to do it, I’ve been busy an unorganized. Thank you Lily for nominating me, and thank you Mew for also thinking about me ! ?

Here are both of their blogs :

Lilyxoxo     –     Love Mew


• The Rules :

1) Answer the questions the blogger has asked.
2) Create a new list of questions for the bloggers you’ve tagged.
3) Thank the person that tagged you!
4) Nominate at least 5 blogs to receive the award.
5) Tell them you nominated them.


Lily’s questions :

1. Whats your favorite thing about having a blog?

I love to be able to create things, pictures, outfits, DIYs… having a blog is for me the perfect creativity place !


2. Best year of your life (so far)

I’d say two years ago, when I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a few months. Meeting him and getting to know him was the most awesome thing I’ve lived, since he’s the most awesome person I know ?

3. What’s one thing you did in your life that you really regret?

Not having been brave enough to do all I wanted to do, especially in cases where I was afraid of failure. I still need to work this out actually !


4. What was/is your favorite subject in school?

Arts, definitely. And now it would be my Translation classes !


5.  What’s your favorite restaurant?

Japanese restaurants ! There are many in Paris, you can find some reaaaally good ones, like Sapporo or Happa-Teï



6. Favorite quote?

This one, I made a picture out of it :



7. Who is your celebrity crush?

As I said in my previous Sunshine Blogger Award, I never really had crushes among celebrity people, it’s just a too distant world for me. But I really like to see Chis Pratt and Ryan Reynolds act !

8. Who is your favorite blogger?

Tough question ! I love all of my blogging friends, even though I don’t always have time to drop by and say hi. But the person who inspired me to start blogging is actually Marzia, I knew her from YouTube and love her blog now !

9. Biggest pet peeve?

Erm, that would be sugary foods, unfortunately. Last year I even gained 10 kg in a year ! Now I’ve lost them, I try to regulate my cravings, and I eat in a more healthy way.


10. Youtubers you hate/don’t like

I don’t really hate anyone personally, or at least I try not to because I find it extremely violent to actually hate someone. But I don’t really like the recent wave of trendy pranksters / fake social experiment makers / attention seeking YouTubers.
I find most of them seem to be in a kind of sad competition to win the most likes and followers instead of wanting to create good content, and connecting with others.
But hey, maybe I’m just growing old !

11. What makes you happy?

Blogging, playing video games, going out with my boyfriend, crafting things, … ✨


Mew’s questions : 

1.) Do you like fashion? How would you describe your personal style?

I love fashion ! But I have no idea how I could describe my own style : I like cute fashion but also edgy fashion, and sometimes plain weird fashion. So I don’t always dress with the same style of clothes, I love to wear drastically different styles actually.
But from what I see now, I think I love colorful and fun outfits :


2.) Who inspires you the most to blog ?

Again, definitely Marzia ! But I also got inspired by french bloggers such as Leeloo, and international ones like Sara Sabaté (she blogs in French and Spanish)

3.) Do you YouTube? Do you ever think you would like to ?

Yes I do ! You can check out my YouTube channel if you want  I discovered that making videos is awesome, but actually kind of hard and sooo time consuming !


4.) Is there a particular art style or aesthetic that fits your blog ?

As a non native English speaker I knew this would happen eventually : I’m so sorry Mew, I don’t understand this question ! Do you mean, what do I want my blog to look like aesthetically speaking ? I guess it’s not what you meant sorry ? But I like my blog to be colorful yet soft, with cute personalized features !


5.) What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled ?

That would be Japan and Colombia ! They’re both pretty much at the end of each side of the world for France ?


6.) Are you a starter person or a dessert person ?

Definitely a dessert person, I truly could live only eating cakes and sweets (it already happened to me actually, like for a day or two only eating cereals and biscuits). But I restrain myself a lot, because that’s not healthy at all !

7.) What’s your favourite beauty brand right now ?

Right now I’m fond of my Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions, it works wonders and has saved my face many times !clinique


8.) Do you have any friends IRL who blog as well ?

Nope, no one I know IRL blogs. I think for most of my friends this is actually a weird thing to do, I’ve already heard some of them make fun of bloggers in the past (especially fashion bloggers, for some reason). But since I’ve decided not to care about what they think, I’ve decided I wouldn’t hide my blogging hobby anymore.

9.) What’s your greatest accomplishment of the summer ?

I’m not sure, is going on holiday an accomplishment ? Because other than that I haven’t done much I’m afraid ! Just resting and enjoying the sun ?

10.) How excited are you for the back to school season to start ?

Not exited at all, to the extent that I’d rather drop off if I could. I’ve had a big issue with college last year, and I surely don’t want to deal with it.


My nominees are : 


My questions for them :

  1. Do you have a best friend ?
  2. What is your goal in life ?
  3. What are you afraid of ?
  4. Which social networks do you use ?
  5. Do you like memes ? (Do you know what it is ?)
  6. Are you doing the job you wanted to at first (or studying to do it) ?
  7. Do you watch TV ?
  8. Do you like to travel ?
  9. Which is your favorite foreign food ?
  10. How much does a coffee cost in your country ?


I hope you liked reading my answers !




  1. 09/09/2017 / 18:57

    Chris Pratt is my crush/favorite too! He’s so good at acting! And I understand the whole not hating youtubers thing. Hate is a strong word. But I agree with the people you dislike. Pranks are just so old now and not funny at all. Some are just mean. Loved hearing all your answers! xxx

  2. 10/09/2017 / 00:00

    Congratulations on both of these nominations and thank you for nominating me. xx

  3. 10/09/2017 / 02:00

    Congrats and loved your answers! 🙂

  4. 10/09/2017 / 05:15

    Congrats on the awards Oriana!! Marzia was one of the first blogs I ever found and introduced me to WordPress in the first place! I love her channel as well, she’s such an inspiration ?

  5. 10/09/2017 / 22:07

    Loved your answers! It’s nice how you combined two nominations into one post too because I felt we got to know you twice as well! ❤️ And don’t worry you answered my question perfectly haha 🙂 thanks so much for doing the tag Oriana ^_^ x

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