5 Monthly Favorites – September


Hey there !

The 28th is here, it’s time to post my 5 September Favorites !

If you missed my summer favorites, you can check them out by clickingΒ right here.

Let’s get started :


1. Amsterdam

Of course, I always love to travel, so this Amsterdam escapade had its place among my favorites of the month. Come and read my Amsterdam Post if you haven’t already !



2. 2k Milestone + New Theme

I was thrilled to reach such a huge accomplissement, and I loved redoing the design of my blog ! I always try to personalize everything as much as I can, to make it truly mine. My blog is a place where I feel that I can really express my creativity.



3. Role-Play Games : Shaan

I’ve always been a video game player, but before meeting Victor I couldn’t try out actual role play games where you meet up with people around the table and play the character on paper, as none of my friends were into it. It’s kind of intimidating at the beginning, because it resembles acting ! But even as a very shy person with social anxiety tendencies, I managed to get used to that part. We played some of it with friends last week-end, it was really fun.

The game is named Shaan, (you can check it out Righ Here) it was actually created by Victor’s father !



4. Patches & Pins

It’s awesome that the patches trend has developed itself so much, there are so many ways of customizing clothes with those tools ! The patches here are H&M, and the Pins are Monki.

πŸ’˜Β πŸ₯‘Β πŸ‰

β€’ Shop Cute Patches & PinsΒ β€’

Β Β Β Β Β  Β 



5. Orphan Black

If you like mind blowing plots, plausible science fiction, and AMAZING acting skills, you definitely need to start watching this series. Orphan Black pushes the boundaries of scientific possibilities, with an awesome production.

– ©  Graeme Manson, John Fawcett


What do you think of these favorites ? 😊
What did you enjoy yourself all month long ?

See ya ! ✨

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26 thoughts on “5 Monthly Favorites – September

    1. It is ! It’s a french game though πŸ˜‰Yeah I looked it up, she really deserved it. Thank you ! I’m glad you like my theme, I put a lot of though in it, and I always wonder if it’s good enough πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•


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