DIY – School Folder Customisation


Hey !

School has just started again for me, and as you know I love to personalize everything, here’s an easy school related DIY ! I’ll show you how I customized the school folder that I use to organize
documents for every different subject 😊


What You’ll Need :

  • A Folder, preferably with a front pocket
  • Cute Decorated Paper
  • White Paper (or adhesive tags)
  • Glue (only if you don’t have adhesive tags)
  • Colorful pens
  • Washi or Masking tape 
  • A pair of scissors 


Decorate the Front Cover

If you can find a folder that comes with a front pocket, it’s really easy to customize it by slipping a cute paper into it. If not, you’ll have to glue it on the cover ! You can also write something on it, as some sort of title or inspiring quote. For now I prefer it plain though.

• Shop some Cute Paper •




Decorate the Tabs

Stick some washi tape of your choice to decorate the tabs ! I used some flower pattern and silver tape.



Cut the Extra Tape

Cut the bits of washi tape that are sticking out, to adapt it to the shape of the tabs.



Cut and Place the Tags

Cut some tags from a white sheet, try to make them as even as possible, and glue them at the center of your tabs. If you have adhesive tags, just paste them directly !



Write the Subjects on the Tabs

Write down the subjects on the tab where you’re going to organize the respective documents ! You can organize them as you want, and if you have some extra tabs you can use them as a “miscellaneous” section, to put everything that has no precise category.



And done !
All there is left to do is to go to class, and organize every document into your cute customized folder ✨


How did you like this DIY ? 😊
Tell me in the comments !

See ya ✨


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