DIY – My Autumn Decoration


Hey !

More Autumn vibes here, this time I’m going to show how I decorate my (small) home for the fall/autumn season !
I paired bought items and DIY onesΒ πŸ‚


β€’Β On The WallΒ β€’

Here’s how I decorated my walls !
First, I drew some Autumn and Halloween themed elements that I cut and attached to a thread. The best thing with this option is that you can draw anything you want !
I did every drawing with basic colored pencils.


Another thing that I added to my wall, are fairy lights. They add a warm and cosy ambiance to a room, making autumn more magical 🌟
Plus : they’ll be already there for Christmas.


β€’Β On The Shelf β€’

On my table shelf, I added lots of natural autumn elements, like a basket of nuts, the Terrarium I got for my Birthday, pumpkins, and leaves.
I put the nuts into a golden wire basket, it looks warm and modern that way !

β€’ Shop Wire BasketsΒ β€’
Β Β  Β Β  Β  Β 


A Really Easy Leaf Bouquet DIY :Β 

  • Go pick up some fallen leaves
  • Dry them between books
  • Attach them with a small elastic band to form a kind of bouquet
  • Take a small jar, and fill it with nuts (or stones, pearls…)
  • Place your leaf bouquet, and add some more nuts to hide the elastic band.

This looks great on my shelf, I added some cute derpy cats to keep my bouquet company !


On another shelf, I arranged this group of different looking pumpkins. It’s an ephemeral decoration, since these are meant to be eaten ! Try out this delicious Pumpkin TartΒ if you’re looking for recipes.



β€’ On a Coffee TableΒ β€’

I consider my coffee table as a seasonal “shrine”, I always have a themed decoration on it. For fall, I have some leaves, nuts, stones, and this gorgeous gold acorn that I found at H&M.


A must have for autumn : scented candles. It creates a whole different atmosphere, I chose this pine scented candle because it reminds me of long autumn walks in the woods, that we used to do when I was younger.
I also light vanilla scented candles at the same time, I think that the mix of both scents is really nice.

β€’Β  Shop Scented Candles β€’
Β  Β Β  Β Β 


β€’Β On a CouchΒ β€’

When cold days start to arrive, I like to place some plaids and blankets on the armrest. Not only does it look nice and cosy, but that way whenever I feel chilly I just need to reach up and grab a plaid !



pin thisΒ  Β Β 


Here’s all I managed to do in my small place !
What do you think about my autumn decoration ? 😊

See ya ! 🍁


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31 thoughts on “DIY – My Autumn Decoration

    1. Thank you Emma ! πŸ’– It’s actually really simple, you add the pictures you want as any of your other pictures, resize if needed, and then you go and find the link you want your picture to be linked to, copy it. Go back to your post editor where your picture is, select your picture, and click on the “add a link” button just like with text ! 😊 Hope I explained it well, tell me if you don’t understand something !

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  1. How lovely to find another crafty seasonal styler on The Suzie Speaks Blog Party! I love your autumn decor, will be pinning this for sure. Will also hop over to the various social media accounts to hit the follow button. Lovely to meet you Oriana! Sue x

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    1. Thank you lovely ! πŸ’• About your blog, I would recommend adding a search feature on the side (under your picture maybe ?), we don’t always think about it but people need it ! πŸ˜‰ And for the rest, it seems pretty neat to me ! Don’t hesitate to as anything you need more advice ✨

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