3 Year Anniversary : Outfit, Food, & Movie !


Hey !

So, the 19th of November is kind of a special date for me and Victor, it’s our anniversary ! Three years ago I met the most incredible guy in the world, and we’ve been together ever since. Last Sunday then, we decided to go out and celebrate the dayΒ πŸ’•

Here’s the outfit that I wore :


3 year outfit


You might recognize the Playsuit from my Autumn Wishlist !
It’s extremely comfortable, and I love the silky fabric. The pattern is also to die for, floral but autumnal.



I added some extra magic with this double star & moon necklace 🌟

closeup 2


shop the look

Β Β Β Sans titre-1Β 8024452-1-chocolate



We went to a Japanese restaurant for lunch called Sapporo, if you’re in Paris one day I highly recommend going there to have some ramen noodles.
It’s one of the bests Japanese restaurants that you can find here !


sapporo 2


I had some Miso Ramen :

miso ramen


And Victor had Shōyu Ramen :

shoyu ramen

They were both absolutely delicious ! Plus they come with a side dish, mine was a plate of gyoza, and Victor’s was a mini Japanese curry.


After that, we went and bought some sweet treats from the asian grocery store nearby (it’s called Ace Markt if you’re interested) :

pocky & jelly beansΒ  Β Β mochi

Strawberry Pocky, Peach Jellies, and Anko Mochi


Then, we went to see a movie. At first we wanted to see another movie, but the room where the first movie was played had air conditioning problems. So we ended up watching Justice League, and I surprisingly enjoyed it !
I had been very disappointed with the latest super heroes blockbusters, as they tend to resemble themselves too much, and lack on many things. But this one was actually nice to watch !

cinema ticket


We ended up going home tired, and watched series under the blanket.
Here’s a picture of the two of us, as you’ve never seen my lovely VictorΒ πŸ’—Β :


My messy hair is in da place, sorry about that !



pin thisΒ  Β 


It was really a great day !
How do you celebrate your anniversaries ?

See ya !Β πŸ’—

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18 thoughts on “3 Year Anniversary : Outfit, Food, & Movie !

  1. Love your boots, I’d been trying to find ones just like them! Thank you for the link.
    I watched Justice League on Saturday and I was surprised by how much I liked it too. The dynamic between Flash and [spoiler] Superman was so fun. πŸ˜€
    Congrats on your anniversary – so sweet that you went all in with Japanese meal and treats. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome ! πŸ˜‰ Right ? It was actually fun to watch ! I loved flash too on those scenes 😊 Thank you Stashy πŸ’• The fact that the japanese restaurant and shop are in the same street helps haha !


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