Style – Checkered & Fur


Hi !

Here’s my fist official autumn season outfit !

I love autumn because it’s like a “reversed spring” : not too hot, not too cold, and you get to wear cute light jackets. The weather has been particularly mild lately here in Paris, yesterday I actually had to take off my cardigan because it was too hot ! Anyways, I thought checkered patterns were perfect for fall, paired with brown and beige tones.



And to introduce the winter to come, a small fur bag, to add a hint of softness to the outfit.


Of course, I was wearing one of my Favorite Autumn Lipsticks, Racy by Tarte (but very lightly this time !)


I also felt like those gorgeous marble earrings belonged right here.

Almost all these items come from old collections, sorry folks !

  • Jumper & Trousers : H&M
  • Shoes : Zara
  • Jacket : Vila
  • Earrings : Rose Vila Jewelery
  • Bag : Zara Kids


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What do you think of this outfit ? 😊
See ya ! ✨


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18 thoughts on “Style – Checkered & Fur

  1. Hey Oriana – I’m glad you kept the fur to a very small amount and that it is being repurposed. Please remember that fur once belonged to a living, breathing warm-blooded cuddly thing and that even wearing fake fur encourages the fur industry which is very cruel.


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