Review – BAAC Gold Powder Eye Mask


Hey !

Today I’m going to write my first cosmetic review, as I tested a new product I knew nothing about ! The product I’m going to review is the Gold Powder Eye Mask, it’s part of my Colombia Shopping Haul. This one is from BAAC Beauty , I believe it’s a brand from Venezuela.

The product presents itself in a small package, it says that it reduces expression lines, under-eye bags and dark circles. It contains collagen, gold powder, but also hyaluronic acid (naturally found in the body, it secures moisture and creates fullness), and multiple nutrients.


As you can see, I do have a small dark circle issue, with brown under eye bags, and marked lines (of course I have no make up at all on my eyes) :


Here’s another picture where you can see better what i’m talking about :


That’s why I bought this, I thought it would be the perfect occasion to see if these kind of trendy gold masks work on actual dark circles 🌟


I wore it for two hours, on the package it said you had to leave it for at least 30 min for it to work, but no longer than 12 hours. It was very comfortable to wear ! It has a jelly texture, like a really soft gelatin slice, it stuck really well to my face.

I realized a bit late that I maybe should have put it a bit higher, so it would have touched the bags under my eyes. But I was a bit afraid it would itch or irritate my waterline, I didn’t know the product so I didn’t want to risk hurting my eyes.


After 2 hours, I took it off.


And here’s the result !

It did actually almost remove completely my lines and dark circles, I have to say I’m quite impressed. The brown bags are still here, but again it might have been different if I had placed it higher.


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What do you think of these ? Would you want to try it out ?
Tell me in the comments 😊

See ya ✨


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