Beauty – 5 Autumn Lipsticks


Hey !

Are you feeling the autumn vibes yet ?
Or are you already tired of seeing everything pumpkin spice flavored ? 😉
Today I’m going to show you my 5 favorite lipsticks to wear when Autumn comes by ! 🍂



Just in case you were to be interested by my eye make up, here are the details. But please keep in mind that I’m not a make up pro AT ALL !

I am wearing :

  • A nude base
  • A bit of Marzia’s Fuoco Shade
  • A glittery golden eye shadow from L’Oréal
  • Some liner, from H&M
  • Wunderextensions Mascara



Now, let’s see which are my favorite autumn lipstick shades !


Cinnamon Lips :

From spices to scented candles, there’s always a hint of cinnamon when autumn is in the air. This light brown lipstick is perfect to spice up your casual everyday makeup ! It’s the one that I’ve been wearing everyday lately.

Yves Rocher – Beige Sésame




Like a Pomegranate :

Because every season needs a gorgeous red. Pomegranate is actually a fall seasonal fruit, so why not wear it on your lips !

Sephora – Courtisane




The Berry Lip :

A classic autumnal lipstick, that reminds me of dark berries and plums. A daring and gorgeous color.

Lime Crime – Scandal



Pumpkin Spice :

Do you need another way to celebrate the autumnal pumpkin fever ? Wear this spicy colored crayon ! The pigmentation of this one is amazing by the way.

• NARS – Timanfaya



Hot Chocolate :

When the days are getting colder, all you want to do is stay at home with a warm plaid, and a comforting cup of hot chocolate. This shade adds a bit of cocoa to my day !

• Tarte – Racy



These were my favorite autumnal shades 😊


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Which one did you prefer ?

See ya ! ✨


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20 thoughts on “Beauty – 5 Autumn Lipsticks

      1. I can relate to this, I never wore red lipsticks before because of this reason ! That’s why I did a teeth whitening treatment, and now I’m much more comfortable wearing such shades 😊


  1. I’m a sucker for plum colored lipsticks! That one is totally my favorite although they each look wonderful on you (: I used that shade from Marzia’s palette on my birthday for our dinner out- which I’ll manage to post one of these days (been crazy busy with work) lol


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