How To Survive A 12h Flight ✈

Hey ! If you clicked on this, I assume you're the kind of person that loves to travel. And if you love travelling, you might one day be confronted to this kind of ordeal : Very Long Flights. I've been travelling all my (short) life since I was about three months old, I'm actually pretty… Continue reading How To Survive A 12h Flight ✈

Colombia – Travel Diary #1

Hey !  Many of you know that right now, I'm in Colombia ! And to show you a bit of my trip, I decided to make this Colombia Travel Diary series, beginning with this one 😊 🌐 Destination - Cali : So, we took the plane from Paris to Madrid first, around 10 am. There,… Continue reading Colombia – Travel Diary #1

11 Travel Essentials (For a Long Holiday)

Hey ! July is here, it's holiday time ! This year I'm going to Colombia to visit my family on my mother's side, yay ! We're going to stay a whole month there, and that means that I need to pack efficiently so I don't have to carry my whole house on my shoulders That's why I… Continue reading 11 Travel Essentials (For a Long Holiday)

My mother’s Birthday

Hey ! Last Saturday was my mother’s birthday ✨ So I went to her town to visit her, and with her and my family we went to Center Parcs ! 😊 It’s a place near the forest in France where you can do much activities (walks, bicycle, pony, tennis...), with a main building shaped as a sphere.… Continue reading My mother’s Birthday