DIY – Washi Tape Framing


Hey !

Another DIY here, nothing really sophisticated but still fun and cute :3

Basically it just consists in taping a picture to the wall using some washi tape instead of a frame. Extremely easy indeed ! Plus, you can un-tape it as soon as you get tired of if, and it won’t let any holes on the wall.

I posted a video on my YouTube Channel about this DIY, it you want to check it out just click below ! πŸŽ₯


It’s so simple you only need 2 things :

  • something to frame
  • Some washi tape


I drew a Pineapple with a gold pen to use it as a decoration πŸ



My washi tape collection!

And the result :



Sorry for the bad quality of the last two pictures, I have yet to learn how to manage dark lighting πŸ”… But I hope you enjoyed this DIY anyways !

See ya πŸ’™

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