5 Monthly Favorites – January

I’m inaugurating this series with this new year, every month I’m going to present you my five favorites of the month ! ✨

They will mostly be objects, that I used a lot or liked particularly, but I might as well include places or events, favorite moments of the month 🙂

So let’s begin !

1 – This XXL Scarf 

This scarf is the best thing I bought this winter honestly, it’s so warm and so big, you just want to wrap yourself in it and live like this for ever. Plus, it has a really cute pinkish nude color 🌺



2 – A week planner

I never owned a week planner before ! And since this year I decided to be more organized, I found a nice looking one at the Hema store.



3 – The ultimate Cat Lady bag

When I saw this bag I knew I needed it. It’s so pretty, and has cute little chocolate cats ! I love it. It’s just the perfect item to scream to the world your love for cats 🐱




4 – Fluffy slippers

They are so fluffy I’m gonna die. This is perfect to stay at home all cozy while it’s cold outside, they make your feet feel like they’re walking on soft clouds. So confortable !



5 – Cute Post-it notes

What I love more than anything is to find the cute version of everything I use daily, and post-it notes aren’t an exception ! They make any task note or grocery list look so much less annoying to do, I really enjoy using them.





So that was it for my first monthly favorites, but don’t worry there will be more next month ! I hope you enjoyed what I picked 🙂

Do you have any favorites you currently use  ?

See ya ! 💙


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