Meet this kitty kat

Hey ! So, I got a cat recently. His name is Agenor (it’s a breton name), it’s actually my boyfriend’s cat and since he’sΒ an old grandpa (the cat), he started to feel a bit lost in the huge parents house, so we took him with us in our smaller apartment. But for now he returned to his previous house, he wasn’t feeling bad but because of his age he wouldn’t stop meowing really loud at night, and we couldn’t sleep.

Waiting for his return, I’m showing you some of the pictures I took of him !


Say hi to the cat 🐱

And the cat being a typical cat, he won’t do anything but sleep all day long (and party all night long of course). Look at this cutie :




(cats and cardboard boxes πŸ“¦ : still a better love story than Twilight)

Sometimes, he sleeps in positions so unlikely, it’s a bit fascinating I have to say, but still extremely funny to observe :



I mean… even a laptop placed on him wouldn’t disturb his sleep, they should have named this cat Aurora, it would have fitted him waaaay better


And, obviously, he can’t stop himself from climbing every climbable thing existing in the apartment :

He loves to stay on the cardboard box to do some bird watching (that or the neighbors, I’m not sure what he’s actually looking at) :


That was my kitty kat ! I know making a post about my cat isn’t really THAT interesting, but I hope you enjoyed the pictures anyways. He’s still a cute little ball of fluff after all, who doesn’t like to see that ?

Do you have any pets ? Tell me in the comments 😊

See ya ! πŸ’™

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