Fashion and Gaming


In the mind of a lot of people, fashion isn’t compatible with other kind of hobbies, such as video games. When these people think about a girl liking video games, they won’t think she likes fashion too. A girl that likes video games can’t have both such boyish AND girly hobbies !

But I’m no special snowflake really, a lot of girls actually like fashion and video games, or other hobbies, I even know a boy who does !

So this is what inspired me to do this post, I wanted to conciliate two of my favorite interests : Video Game Fashion.

Here are the characters I chose to inspire myself from !

The first one isΒ Lux, she basically is a knight-cheerleader of light (if that makes

any sense to you) :



The second one is more on the goth side of fashion, it’sΒ Morgana :



And the last one,Β Ahri, is a nine tailed Korean Lady Fox (nothing to do with Naruto thought) :


That’s it for now !
Tell me if you enjoyed the outfits I created, because I sure enjoyed making them !
(and I intend to do some more haha)
Do you have any hobbies others find weird for you to like ?
See ya !Β πŸ’œ

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33 thoughts on “Fashion and Gaming

      1. Yeah I get why, I stopped too around that time because of that “Blizzard wtf are you doing” phase. Draenor was better but a bit meh, and recently I tried out legion : this one is really good. Finally we get some BC vibes back, and the gameplay is pretty hard again at high level ! So if you’re interested, I would say it’s worth trying it out πŸ˜‰


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