Fashion and Gaming

Fashion and Gaming

In the mind of a lot of people, fashion isn’t compatible with other kind of hobbies, such as video games. When these people think about a girl liking video games, they won’t think she likes fashion too. A girl that likes video games can’t have both such boyish AND girly hobbies !

But I’m no special snowflake really, a lot of girls actually like fashion and video games, or other hobbies, I even know a boy who does !

So this is what inspired me to do this post, I wanted to conciliate two of my favorite interests : Video Game Fashion.

Here are the characters I chose to inspire myself from !

The first one is Lux, she basically is a knight-cheerleader of light (if that makes

any sense to you) :





The second one is more on the goth side of fashion, it’s Morgana :




And the last one, Ahri, is a nine tailed Korean Lady Fox (nothing to do with Naruto thought) :



 pin this   league of legends inspired outfits.png


That’s it for now !
Tell me if you enjoyed the outfits I created, because I sure enjoyed making them !
(and I intend to do some more haha)
Do you have any hobbies others find weird for you to like ?
See ya !
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  1. 02/02/2017 / 22:20

    Nice choice of clothes for the characters.

    • Oriana
      03/02/2017 / 12:38

      Thank you ! I tried to make the outfits as wearable as possible, I’m glad you liked them ! ? And thanks for the follow too ! ?

  2. 03/02/2017 / 21:04

    Aaah love your blog! It’s so cute and pretty and makes my heart smile! Keep it up! ?

    • Oriana
      03/02/2017 / 21:53

      Thank you ! I’m so happy you like what I do ?? Wish you all the best for your blog too !

      • 04/02/2017 / 12:11

        Thanks lovely! ?

  3. 04/02/2017 / 13:24

    Very clever post! I totally agree that your hobbies or your carrier choice does not mean that you cannot love fashion.. Often it’s another form of self expression:)

    • Oriana
      04/02/2017 / 14:45

      Thank you ! Yes that’s exactly how I see fashion ?

  4. 07/02/2017 / 07:44

    Very nice post! Keep it up 🙂 I followed you already.

  5. 08/02/2017 / 02:33

    Nice post, great looks, I’m not a gamer but addicted to Polyvore and actually made an Assasins Creed fashion set to send my gamer son to show him what his mum does for fun. LoL. I only started this 2 months ago and love it ?

    • Oriana
      08/02/2017 / 09:46

      Thanks ☺️ That’s so cool, Assassins Creed is a great inspiration for fashion too !

    • Oriana
      11/02/2017 / 22:24

      Thanks ! ?

  6. 12/02/2017 / 14:46

    Hi Oriana, I love that you combine fashion and video games together! By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog! =D

    • Oriana
      12/02/2017 / 18:28

      Thank you, and you’re welcome ! ?

    • Oriana
      13/02/2017 / 10:50

      Thanks ! ☺️

  7. 28/04/2017 / 13:10

    I do this all the time too! I love the choices, they’re pretty much perfect! 🙂

    • Oriana
      28/04/2017 / 13:39

      Thank you ! ? It’s such a fun thing to do ? I have to do more of those !

  8. 08/05/2017 / 21:07

    This is so great! 🙂 How did I not find this sooner?

    • Oriana
      10/05/2017 / 08:35

      Haha, thank you ! ? I have another one coming soon ?

  9. 20/05/2017 / 10:23

    Ahaha, love your style!
    Spent lots of time playing LoL, moreover I’m a the WoW player since 2009, so the posts about games make me nostalgize, so cool!

      • 20/05/2017 / 11:24

        No,broke up with WoW after the adidition with Pandas, WoW was more competitive and complicated even in Cataclysm addition, unfortunately

        • Oriana
          20/05/2017 / 11:41

          Yeah I get why, I stopped too around that time because of that “Blizzard wtf are you doing” phase. Draenor was better but a bit meh, and recently I tried out legion : this one is really good. Finally we get some BC vibes back, and the gameplay is pretty hard again at high level ! So if you’re interested, I would say it’s worth trying it out ?

  10. 20/05/2017 / 10:27

    And why didn’t you add Oriana to your list?)

    • Oriana
      20/05/2017 / 10:32

      I didn’t add her because I had a hard time “translating” her into an outfit ! But it’s true that it would have been funny since we have the same name ?

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