[Video] 5 Monthly Favorites – February

Hey !

I know I already posted my 5 Monthly Favorites post for February, This is just an update for the video version I made of this post !
I’m sorry for the awkwardness and the bad English pronunciation, but I promise I’ll improve later 😊

If you want, leave a like or even subscribe, it would help me a lot 💗

Here is the video :

Don’t hesitate to make any suggestions, or even to give me some advice !

See ya ! 💜

20 thoughts on “[Video] 5 Monthly Favorites – February”

      1. Not at all you were really natural on that video ! (just realized I forgot to like/subscribe, doing it right now! :D) And you talked for so long without any cut, that’s impressive ! Thank you for thinking I was not, maybe it’s just looking at me talking that makes it awkward haha 🙂

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      2. I can definitely tell that you’re not a native (as you can do with me) but you’re fluent, with a great accent and vocabulary. What is your original language? I detected some arabic or something similar?

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      3. It’s a bit complicated, my maternal language is Spanish but I speak French better than Spanish (I’ve been living in France since I was 8 🙂 ) But I feel like I don’t have a French accent when I speak English, more like a mix of a French and Spanish accent ? Not sure haha !


    1. Thank you so much Cheila ! 💗 But I’ve already been nominated for this award, should I add you on the first post I made or should I make a new one? Not sure or the procedure to follow in this case 😅

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