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Hey !

It’s been a long time since I haven’t done an outfit post, so here we go !

For this outfit I chose to wear my shirt dress, it’s the same one that I showed you in this Sales Haul post, but now you can see me actually wearing it 😊

I’m a bit tired of all the rain and the bad weather we have here in Paris, so I wanted something a bit spring inspired.




– Shirt dress : NewLook


– Shoes : Geox –

(my appartement is a mess, sorry about thatΒ πŸ˜…)

To make the outfit extra spring-inspired, I added this little H&M flower 🌸 (It’s actually a hair accessory) and attached it to my dress, it has the same colour as the dress stripes !
It reminds me of how men used to attach a flower to their smokings, I liked the idea of a modern and feminine version.


And of course, spring makeup ! All pink, nudes, and a bit of red.


Let’s hope spring comes soon, I can’t wait to be able to go out without a coat and scarf ! In the meantime i’ll just try to ignore the pouring rain and this awful wind.


Tell me what you think of this dress ! I personally really like it’s versatile style, you can wear it with heels as I did but also with casual flats or even sneakers !

I hope you don’t mind me taking indoor pictures for my outfits, I haven’t talked about it yet but I have a huge social anxiety problem, so going outside and have people walking by while I take pictures would be waaay too awkward for me.
But hey ! maybe I’ll try it out one day 😊

See ya !Β πŸ’–

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40 thoughts on “Style – Shirt Dress Outfit

  1. You are so cute! Love the outfit! Really love how you added the flower I think it makes the outfit look extra cute! Also I have social anxiety too and I hate it so I understand what you mean but you should definitely try! It is very awkward though haha but who cares what others think! πŸ™‚ xx

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