Blue Sky Tag : again ! (#2 and #3)

Blue Sky Tag : again ! (#2 and #3)


Hey !

I think another person nominated me for this too, but I can’t find her comment ! 🙁
Edit : I found her, it was Dazed Muse ! Thank you for nominating me ?

I know, another tag again ! This time I’ve been nominated by my lovely friend Cheila ? Thank you so much ! You WILL enjoy reading her blog, so check it out : Pink For Days.

This is my second Blue Sky Tag, if you want to check it out the First One is here !

And before we start, I just wanted to say something : I don’t think I will be doing any more tags. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely grateful when someone tags me, and I even enjoy participating in tags ! But I feel like it’s really repetitive in the end, and it’s also time consuming. With the kind of content I provide, I need a lot of time to take pictures (which means having the right lightning, it doesn’t happen everyday), edit them, make everything in the post as neat as possible. And with my weekly college schedule it’s a bit hard to do it all 🙂
So I’m really sorry for the next people that are going to tag me, but no more tags !

Here are the rules :

  • Answer to 11 questions
  • Ask 11 questions
  • Nominate 11 people


Here are Cheila’s questions :

Do you live an a house or an apartment ?

An apartment ! Paris is expensive unfortunately.


• Where are you from ?

I was born in France and I live there now, but I lived in South America during my childhood. Also my father is French and my mother is Colombian. I say I’m from France most of the time because it’s easier, but I guess I consider myself as half of both 🙂


What do you do for a living? Are you happy doing it ?

I’m an Assisting Legal Translator, I’m happy about it but I would like to be a Legal Translator on my own as soon as I finish my degree.


• What do you do to stay fit?

With college, you have to choose an obligatory class that is not in the basic course, and I chose fitness ! It’s basically like going to the gym with a personal coach (the teacher) for free. It’s amazing !


What time do you wake up and go to bed ?

I wake up two or three hours before my class starts during the week, mostly it means at 7 or 8 AM, and I mostly go to bed at midnight or 1 AM. Not enough sleep for me but my classes end late, so I don’t have much time to do things to relax a bit if I go to bed early (my latest class ends at 8 PM). On the weekend I sometimes sleep until 11 AM or 12 PM, because I need to rest for the lack of sleep ! ?


What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday ?

Stay in my pajamas watching Netflix, anxiously waiting for Monday to come and realizing how much I could have achieved with all the time I had. Yeah no not my favorite, but I don’t really like Sundays, I don’t like endings.


Have you ever been in love ?

Yes ! I’m in love right now, I found my other half two years ago and it’s been amazing ever since ?


What do you always have on your fridge or pantry ?

Rice and milk. Milk for breakfast, and rice for lunch/dinner. Not every single day of course, but it’s cheap and it’s good ! I guess South America is like another Asia, we eat a lot of rice (in Colombia people actually eat rice every single day, sometimes on the side of the main dish)


What TV shows do you follow right now ?

Right now I’m watching Suits which is pretty cool, and I’ve started Iron Fist, I like it !


What was the last book you read ?

It was a book for my medieval Spanish literature class, El Conde Lucanor. It’s in medieval Spanish, so if you can’t read it, I don’t recommend it 🙂 But it’s basically a book of fables, like the french one written by Jean de La Fontaine.


If you could only wear one for the rest of your life, lipstick or mascara ?

Lipstick ! I love having some colour on my lips, and I think it makes more of a difference than mascara. Plus, sometimes I just don’t feel like wearing mascara so it doesn’t bother me to give it up 😉


—– Edit :
And now, Dazed Muse’s questions ! :

What’s your favorite Fashion Item ?

Dresses ! I love dresses ?
But I actually don’t wear them everyday, because I’m tired of getting annoyed by rude guys in the streets (is that a French thing or is it the same in your country ?)

If there was only one season throughout all year, which you’ll prefer ?

I’d love a constant end of spring : not too hot in the morning, so you can still wear a light jacket, and warm on the afternoon so you can wear dresses and almost summer clothes.

What makes you feel accomplished ?

When I just finished doing something I wanted to make or create : finished sewing something, drawing something, cooking something…

What was your first thought when you woke up this morning ?

” Have I even slept ? 

• What cheers you up ?

Funny things 🙂 like funny videos, joking around with my boyfriend, or just playing online with my friends (it’s still a funny thing since we laugh a lot)

What do you feel most proud of ?

I’m not a proud person at all, I even tend to lack confidence actually. I’m not confortable with being proud of myself because I feel like I’m “bragging”. But If I really have to think about it, I would say that I’m proud of the progress I’ve made so far concerning my interaction with people, I’ve learned a bit better how to behave around others without panicking and I tried to stop avoiding talking to someone every single time (I suffer of a bit of social anxiety), even though sometimes I just don’t feel like it. But I’m improving ! ?

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go ?

Everywhere ? I already answered this in another tag, but I would like to travel in every country that exists on earth.

How do you spend your free time ?

Mostly blogging, playing video games, and making stuff ✂

What is your biggest fear ?

Being abandoned (by loved ones), that explains my lack of confidence 🙂

• What has been your biggest challenge so far ?

Well, I would say getting through my teenage years : lots of family problems, closing myself to people, struggling to get away from a toxic person. Looking back, I’m really happy all of that is over, because it was so exhausting ! Now I feel I can breathe easily, even with my current issues.

• How would your friends describe you ?

It depends, some friends know me for a very long time (from when I had so much issues with people) so I think they would say that I’m quiet, not very talkative, maybe a bit weird. My most recent friends would say that i’m funny, uncomplicated, straightforward, and maybe still a bit weird ☺


My 11 questions :

  1. Who’s you inspiration in life ?
  2. Do you enjoy or avoid the company of other people ?
  3. In which temporal period would you rather live : past, present, or future ?
  4. Any favorite song lately ?
  5. How many children would you like to have ? (Or maybe you don’t want children?)
  6. Quantity or Quality ?
  7. Which language with a different alphabet than yours would you like to learn ?
  8. Did you have a weird habit as a child ?
  9. What is the worst thing you ever did ?
  10. What keeps you motivated ?
  11. Any favorite beauty product ?


And here are my nominees :

  1. Everything Emm Zee Bee
  2. DIY Empress
  3. The Mystical Panda
  4. Midnightmagician 
  5. Sylliepie
  6. One-Way to Health
  7. Lifestyle For Your Eyes
  8. Beauteous Demeanor
  9. Kanishka’s Diary
  10. Brush and Needle
  11. Sew Sew Beautiful

I hope you enjoyed this tag/award, that I think will be my last !
Maybe later when I have more time i’ll start again to redo them 🙂

(also sorry, my video will be out soon, I’m still working on it because I never have time to finish it, it’s so frustrating haha !)

See ya ! <3


  1. 22/03/2017 / 10:13

    Yep! Congrats for so many nominations! It was me who tagged you! ??

    • Oriana
      22/03/2017 / 11:27

      Oh I’m so sorry I don’t know why, I couldn’t find you ! I’ll add a link to your blog and your questions here as soon as possible ?

      • 22/03/2017 / 11:32

        Don’t worry! I told you just because I would be curious who would nominate me as well! No worries! No need to post anything! ♥️

        • Oriana
          22/03/2017 / 17:53

          But I like to do things right, so I’ll do it anyways ??

  2. 22/03/2017 / 17:17

    I loved your answers and to get to know you a little better. Also, YOU WROTE MY LINK IN PINK!!! AWWWW. Love it, girl!

    • Oriana
      22/03/2017 / 17:51

      Well of course ! It goes so well with the name of your blog I just HAD to ! ??

    • Oriana
      25/03/2017 / 10:45

      Thank you so much Fleur ! ☺️ But as I explained in this tag, I’ll stop doing tags for now (especially tags that I’ve already done). But I’m really happy you thought of me for this ! Have a lovely day ?

    • Oriana
      25/03/2017 / 22:08

      You pasted the link from your own WordPress editor ! I can’t go there 😉 Copy the link from your blog as if you were a reader !

  3. 25/03/2017 / 22:45

    Hey! I wanted to let you know that I tagged you in my latest post do to the travel tag ^_^

  4. 26/03/2017 / 15:40

    I also nominated you! ^^”” It’s okay if you won’t be doing mine either. But this was a good read, I’ll for sure be doing yours xD I just need some time! Thank you for the tag~

    • 26/03/2017 / 15:42

      Also, have you watched Riverdale? It’s pretty interesting since it’s like a remake of the Archie comic books. Something about seeing the characters in rl makes me excited. Hahaha

      • Oriana
        26/03/2017 / 16:17

        I’m so sorry but I’m on a tag break for now ! ? I don’t have enough time to make so many tags. About Riverdale, no I haven’t, but I’ve been told it was good ! ? I don’t know the original comic though ^^

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