DIY – Cute Little Clay Bowl

Cute Clay Bowl

Hey !

Finally I found the time to make and post something, exams are starting to pop out in every class so it’s not really a good time to blog for me.
But here is my latest DIY, I tried for the first time to use some polymer clay and I have to say this thing is awesome 😊
It’s so cool to be able to mold something and then use it ! I decided to do a bowlΒ instead of a cute little figure, because I wanted something I could actually use (and I already have so many little figures/decorations and so little space to display them).

Here is what you need :


  • Some Polymer Clay, I use the one from the FIMO brand
  • A cup or bowl to mold your clay on. Careful : use a cup you don’t mind breaking, or that is heat proof
  • A glass to use as a rolling pin (or a plastic/glass rolling pin, so it doesn’t stick to the clay)
  • Some skewers or toothpicks
  • AΒ cutting tool

1. Spread the clay

Make a ball with your clay, and spread it with the glass.

flat clay

2. Mold it on the cup

Put the clay circle onto your mold, and make it conform to its shape. I used the glass again to spread it around more.

mold clay

3. Remove dust and dirtΒ 

Use your toothpick or skewer to take out the small bits of dirt or dust that might have stuck to the clay (don’t worry if it makes holes, they’ll be flattened out later).

clean clay

4. Smooth it out andΒ Cut the edges

Smooth the bowl around with your fingers until the result satisfies you, then cut the edges with a cutting tool.Β I’ll justΒ add this : don’t worry it will never be perfectly straight (at least I didn’t manage to do so).

cutting clay

5. Add a base

Make a base for your bowl by rolling some clay with your fingers, and blend it in (with your fingers again).

base clay

Careful : make sure to make the base stable by placing your bowl on a flat surface, and pushing a bit the mold down, so the pressure flattens the clay.

bottom clay

6. Decorate with coloured clay

Cut some flattened coloured clay with anything you can find (cookie cutters are good but might be too big), I used a lipstick cap to make the cute cheeks of my cup. Then, place your elements where you want them to be, and stick them with your fingers.

Β·β€’ Bake at 110Β° for 30 minΒ β€’Β·

Β·Β (Or at 230F)Β Β·

7. Remove from the moldΒ and paint

Let it cool completely, then remove the bowl carefully. Don’t force it but try to pull it out little by little. It helps if you can slide your nails or a very thin object (maybe a card) between the bowl and the mold. Patience is your friend !
Then, if you want you can add some paint. Acrylic is the best for every use, water based paint is fine too if your bowl isn’t going to be scrapped or rubbed. Oil based paint might not be compatible with some clays (as FIMO). Here I drew the cup’s cute face with a thinΒ brush :

final clay

And it’s done !
Now use it as you want, I’m going to use it to putΒ the jewellery that I use most of time πŸ’

use clay

If you have any questions don’t hesitate, I’m new to polymer clay but i’ll try to answer you the best I can 😊
Did you enjoy this DIY ?

See ya !Β πŸ’—

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47 thoughts on “DIY – Cute Little Clay Bowl

      1. That is kind of a shame… Mmmm, one way I feel you can use it is painting it on little pieces of wood (maybe u can get from the craft store) and use them as hand made tags for christmas gifts! or birthdays. probably needa wait a while till that time comes but I feel is a good way πŸ˜™

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