Review – L’Oréal Colorista Spray

Hey !

This is my first review !
I came across this product on the promotion section of a big store. I’ve been kind of obsessed by colored rainbow hair lately, and I remember seeing some bloggers and YouTubers use it. So I decided to give it a try to see what it’s worth !

I bought two type of products from the l’Oréal Colorista range, the Spray (color for one day) and the Washout (color for one or two weeks).



But in this post i’m only going to review the Sprays, because I haven’t tried out the washout yet !


So I’m going to be clear straight away, I’m a bit disappointed by this product, but to be fair : i’m not sure I used it right. The instructions said you had to directly spray your hair with a towel underneath, and then brush it after 1 minute. I did that, but I wanted to have some pieces of hair pink and some other pieces blue, so I sprayed them separately. Maybe the “mix” of product cancels the effect ?
Here is during the application, the color was pretty visible :


An it was also a messy experience :

But then, when I waited and brushed it, the color kind of faded away. You could still see some of the pink, but te blue was almost completely gone.
here is exactly how the color looked after :

It wasn’t ugly, but it’s just not what I expected, it was more like pink reflections than pink hair (and it wasn’t as the dark hair version presentation picture on the package).
Here is the only part where you could see the blue (even thought I sprayed it as much as the pink on different pieces of hair) :


I think these colors might have been too bright for my hair, It would have worked way better on blond hair.
This is why I think I’ll try it out again, with more intense colors that will be more visible on my hair ! I saw they had a hot pink especially for dark hair. And this time I’ll only try out one color at a time.
I hope the washout will look better on me !

I’ll still recommend those colors (Pink and pastel blue), but I would only recommend it for blond haired girls. Even thought they wrote on the package that it was for blondes and brunettes, it won’t look very intense on darker hair (but again, maybe that’s due to my mix of colors, who knows?).

(My towel became a piece of art afterwards)

About the product itself it’s pretty easy to use, no complaints. I was a bit scared at first about how it let my hair very dry the first day (even after washing it), but two days after (and with some care) it was fine.

So, mixed feelings about this one !
I’ll have to retry it correctly with the right tones to make up my mind definitely.
But I loved the concept of having colored hair for one day only ! 🎨

Did you try out this product yourself ? 😊

See ya ! 💙

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31 thoughts on “Review – L’Oréal Colorista Spray

    1. Yeah I think in order to use these products you might have to use the “only for dark hair” colors, not the ones “for blond and darker”. There is a color made specifically for dark black hair, it’s called “hot pink” I think ! Maybe this one would work on you? 😊


    1. Oh right, since it washes off it might go off when its rainy ! But I wouldn’t worry about the clothes though, the color didn’t stain my jumper. I didn’t have the time to wash my towel, but when I do I’ll tell you if the color remains on it, then we’ll be sure !😊

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      1. Haha it sounds like I’m some sort of Minister or something like that 😄 uni+work+household+hobbies+blog = no time it’s insane ! But yeah I’ll at least be doing the tags I haven’t done already 😊

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    1. Hey Zoe, thank you so much ! Unfortunately i’m on a “tag break” right now especially for tags I’ve already done, i’m so sorry 😐 But I’ll add a link to your blog in my former blogger recognition award post ! 💗

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