Style – Overalls and Hearts

Hey !

As I showed you on my post about my March Favorites, I bought some overalls ! ✨
I wanted to get overalls for a really long time now, but it’s typically the kind of clothes that never fit me because of my height, i’m less than 1.60 m tall (yes, I’m from dwarf land).
It’s actually the same thing for jeans and trousers, I only have 3 pair of trousers that fit me “fine”, because It’s so hard to find a cut that fits the length of my legs (plus I’m tired of hemming).
As I said on my favorites post, I just went ahead and bought these, and honestly I’m quite satisfied of the result. The length of the legs is perfect, that doesn’t happen really often !

But enough talking about my shortness issue, here are the pictures :

DSC03371Overalls : H&M




I styled it with my hearts shirt, it’s the same shirt I used in my very first outfit on the blog (you can check it out here). I wanted it to be black and white, I like the contrast. But to soften it a bit (and because it’s still cold on mornings), I added this grey cardigan :


And for shoes : my New Look tortoise heels !
(yes I like to wear my things more than once 😜)

I’m really in love with this new item, I can’t wait to wear it with so many different tops under it ! 😊

What do you think about this outfit ?
Do you like overalls too ?

See ya ! 🖤

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67 thoughts on “Style – Overalls and Hearts

  1. Such cute style! I loveeeee overallas, such a fun look! I really like your blog! I just started mine not to long ago and i was wondering if you could check it out and give me some feedback? It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! xox

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