[Video] 5 Hairstyles for Long Hair

Hey !

As promised, here is the video version of my post, 5 Hairstyles for Long Hair !

That way you’ll be able to understand better how to make those hairstyles 😊


I’m really sorry the video took so long to be published, but with college it was kind of hard to find some time to edit it (real life is such a pain in the bum ! )

Anyways, tell me what you think about it, and I hope you’ll enjoy my workΒ πŸŽ₯

See ya ! ❀️

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20 thoughts on “[Video] 5 Hairstyles for Long Hair

      1. Wow! I cut mine short for years, been growing it out since August 2014 but I’ve had to trim it once or twice a year to keep it healthy, it’s around the bottom of my shoulder blades in length now – I felt good about how long it is until I saw yours lol!

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      2. That’s really hard yeah, my hair might be long and look fine, but it’s not very healthy πŸ˜• Such length requires a lot of care since it gets damaged really easily !


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