Red Summer : Body Positivity Time

Red Summer : Body Positivity Time


Who else here loves summertime ? I know I do !
I’m definitely a heat lover, since I’m the kind of people who’s always cold.
So prepare for awesome summer posts to come ! 😉
This summer is going to be special for me, because I decided that I was going to post pictures of myself in a swimsuit.

Why is that special ?

Because like many girls and women out there, I have been struggling so long with body image, and not feeling pretty enough because of pointless complexes. A few years ago, I refused to wear certain things because I thought they wouldn’t fit my body height or weight. Sometimes I made out these ideas myself, because of some magazine with perfectly photoshopped ethereal beings, but sometimes it was because of what someone said. Once for example, a friend told me that I couldn’t wear long skirts. It was an affirmation, not a suggestion; they actually thought that because of my height and weight I would definitely look fat with a long skirt. And it hurt, but I started thinking the same !

At one point, I gained 10kg : I hated myself so much because of this. But I eventually lost them, and somehow I still didn’t like my body, there was ALWAYS something wrong with it. Even though I feel better and healthier that way, I realized that the issue was not really my weight. It was my point of view, that was too focused on what others thought about it.

If that person ever tells me that I can’t wear something that I like because of my body, I will tell them that I simply don’t agree, and that I feel good that way. I will do everything to not let my brain start thinking “But… maybe he’s right ?”. I also literally STOPPED reading magazines. I haven’t read one for 5 years now, and oh boy that was the best idea I ever had !









Bikini Top & Bottoms : H&M
Beach Kimono : Claire’s (old)
✘ Sunglasses : MANGO
Flip Flops : Forever 21



I still compare myself with others from time to time, thinking “I would love to look like her”, but when I do, I try my best to remind me that I am me, I’m not perfect, and that’s ok ! It’s even awesome, since flaws make us for what we are, they’re part of our personality and history and I should learn to embrace them.

So, in this body positivity process, I decided to show you those pictures ! That way I can go further in my own acceptation path, and maybe inspire you to accept yourself too 🙂

Do you also have body image issues ?


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  1. 08/08/2018 / 05:40

    You look incredible (as always) and your photos are so beautiful (as always too haha) ^^

  2. 08/08/2018 / 12:00

    You look absolutely gorgeous – no need to be lacking in confidence. Women’s magazines have a lot to answer for for making young women and girls feel so body conscious and ashamed.

  3. 08/08/2018 / 17:37

    You have a beautiful body, Oriana! & your whole outfit is adorable!

    • Oriana
      10/08/2018 / 03:21

      Thanks so much lovely ! ??

  4. Lola Mia
    10/08/2018 / 19:09

    you look amazing and love that kimono! I have put on weight in past years due to an injury so yea but I’m slowly working out and learning to choose the right clothes that flatter my curves not hide or accentuate them!

  5. 19/08/2018 / 15:44

    You look lovely! I stopped reading magazines too and felt much better about myself 🙂

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